ProcessForce; Weight-based Recipes

ProcessForce, a process-oriented recipe-based ERP application provides you the flexibility to enter the data in the manner in which makes sense to you and your business.

In industries such as food and beverage, chemicals and life sciences, the raw materials and ingredients being consumed within the recipe or formulation may be based on a percentage of weight values rather than traditional quantity values.

These industries have a requirement, not just to be able to enter a percentage weight into a formulation, but for that formulation to calculate the total ingredient quantities, the total overall percentage and total weight values.

Where standard ERP solutions tend not to allow the input of percentage values when entering quantities in recipes, ProcessForce can also be configured to provide a warning to the user if the total weight is greater than 100% or more than 100% of the recipe size.

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Would you like to define and enter your product recipes into your ERP system using % weight values? Does your current ERP solution force you to enter the recipe as basic quantity values, because the system uses a traditional engineering based bill of material format? If so, call us on 01244 676 900 and or complete the form below to discover how SAP Business One along with ProcessForce can solve your business issues.

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