Financial Management

Automate your financial management

SAP Business One provides a reliable integrated financial management module to streamline your financial operations. It automates everyday financial tasks and integrates them with other areas of your business such as purchasing and sales, giving you up to date information in real time.

It is designed for small to medium sized businesses, enabling you to manage all your key functions with one comprehensive system.

This easy-to-use software solution supports the entire financial process – from planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting to cash flow management, while providing control over your assets and liabilities.

Financial Management Key Features


You can handle all key accounting processes, such as journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


Manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets and monitor project costs accurately.


Using the virtual fixed asset function helps simplify the management of fixed assets.


You can quickly process payments by various methods including checks, cash, and bank transfers.


You can create standard or customized reports from real-time data for planning and auditing reviews.

Financial Management in Action – PolyGlobal

This case study describes how PolyGlobal adopted SAP Business One in order to manage all aspects of its complex logistics operations.

Through its robust ERP implementation using SAP Business One, PolyGlobal has improved overall financial control, streamlined processes across several major business lines, and enhanced management capabilities with real-time access to business data.

How can finance lead to business transformation?

Want to learn about how you can:

  • Win more customers
  • Compete more effectively
  • Confidently navigate business challenges 
  • Increase efficiency

Read ‘Transforming Finance to Spur Business Growth’, a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Briefing Paper to learn how the finance team can help to turn insight into action and unlock new sources of business resilience and growth.

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