SAP Business One Analytics, Reporting and BI

Maximise your efficiency with the latest SAP Business One analytics & reporting

As a busy SME, you need a solution that can provide you with tools to obtain all information by single touch. SAP Business One is the best solution for SMEs to manage their accounting and operations. With SAP Business One, you can gather data from multiple sources and generate real-time, accurate reports based on company-wide data. 


SAP Business One enables you to transform business data into information at your fingertips with an agile system that’s easy to use. Get timely and accurate reports and make quicker, better decisions for a competitive advantage.

Your Business Challenges

Slow Reporting

Disjointed business intelligence slows down decision making and wastes valuable time

Difficulty in Data

Unable to find the data needed in the time available, departments are often forced to turn to less reliable sources

Over-reliance on IT

Excessive reliance on IT or consultants for reporting impedes the flow of information that supports high-level strategic decision-making

Cumbersome Integration

Cumbersome integration of third party tools has a big impact on productivity, and adds additional costs

Key Features

Analytics & Reporting

SAP Business One’s analytics and reporting capabilities are designed to be fast, simple, and user-friendly. From dashboards to data visualizations to real-time alerts, we provide you with real-time intelligence to make smart decisions

Predefined Dashboards & Reports

SAP Business One has predefined dashboards and customized reports for every aspect of your business. Not only can you set them up in advance, but the entire process of setting up these dashboards and reports is straightforward and easy

Productivity Tools

Using the best productivity tools put together in SAP Business One will help you get more done in less time with the added power of Microsoft Excel for accessing and exploring data sources in real-time


SAP Business One’s unique search features make it easier than ever to find and access all data in your organization. By using the integrated search capabilities in SAP Business One you can quickly and easily find the information you need

Benefits too good to ignore

Better, faster decision making

With SAP Business One, you gain instant access to accurate information. This means more control and greater visibility into your business, giving you the confidence to make swift and accurate decisions.

Secure long term investment

SAP Business One is a complete solution delivered from a single vendor, that is designed to secure and extend your investment for as long as you need it

Higher ROI

Transactional and operational data can provide the highest return on investment for organizations. SAP Business One provides businesses with the tools to make decisions based on highly dynamic transactional and operational data

More efficient employees

Faster, smarter workflows for your people are a win for everyone. SAP Business One gives your team the tools they need to generate standard and ad hoc real-time reports and get the most out of their time from a single source of truth

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