Batch Control – Anytime, Anywhere, Instantly

By Martin Linch | February 18, 2015 | Food and Beverage , HANA , ProcessForce

Batch control is a must-have of any ERP system that handles food: it can help you cut down on the risk of compliance failure.

In any ERP system, searching through your item batch records and other related data can take time. You’ll find input from different departments, and it will take time to try and understand the cause and effect of a batch problem – time that, in real life, with BRC audit compliance in mind, you just don’t normally have!

With ERP batch control, you’ll be able to peek into your ERP data in real-time; you’ll be able to see correlations and analyze patterns. As soon as your ERP system starts generating alerts, or something goes wrong in the supply chain with an item/location combo that you’ve been tracking, you will be able to log into batch control, navigate to the trouble item (or items), and get a quick overview of what’s going on. From there, once you understand the situation, you can generate a report around this incident and use it as an ammo for those important discussions with your peers.

In SAP Business One, and with the paradigm shift created by the game-changing HANA platform that powers the system, , data visualization and predictive analytics totally change the way you consume data and analyse business problems.

Our focus on Food and Beverage, along with Chemicals, have given us a great understanding of the needs of companies operating in a batch controlled environment, where traceability is a fundamental business need. Our SAP Business One – Industry Edition, delivers this next generation, 360 degree view of traceability and makes it simple for you to achieve compliance.

To find out how Signum and SAP Business One can help your business with batch control call 01244 676 900, or complete the form to request a call-back from one of our industry exerts here 

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