SAP Business One Case Study: JDM Food Group

In this SAP Business One Case Study, we learn how JDM Food Group successfully implemented SAP Business One and ProcessForce. The impact was immediate with real savings in costs, better customer insight and excellent product profitability analysis.

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A successful online food importer is how JDM Food Group describes itself. The business was established in 2000 with importing garlic, but now works with over 250 food manufacturers, supplying them with garlic, ginger, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. It’s the leading supplier to Britain’s biggest supermarket for garlic, ginger and sweet potatoes.

JDM supplies products to an extremely diverse customer base, varying from small independent retailers to national, multi-national supermarket chains to food manufacturers and foodservice companies. JDM has been able to address all of these customers by adapting its facilities and systems appropriately in order to meet their business needs.

Businesses need to be as efficient as possible in order to succeed and expand. JDM Food Group is one such business which was looking to grow. They needed a system that would help them manage their day-to-day operations as well as enable them to grow their business later. SAP Business One was the ideal solution.

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that JDM Food Group decided to use in order to help them to become the leading food importing company serving food which provided authentic ethnic tastes and preferred by customers. The software was designed with the idea of enabling businesses around the globe to increase their efficiency and improve their performance in a highly competitive market.

“Without a doubt, SAP Business One coupled with the ProcessForce application for food businesses, delivered by Signum Solutions, has had a major impact on business efficiency and I’m certain that it will continue to do so as the business grows” – Darren Bevan, Commercial Director – Manufacturing and Export Sales JDM Food Group

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SAP Business One has helped JDM Food Group improve their processes, reduce the need for IT support, and significantly improve their customer service. They were ready to upgrade their systems after years of using systems that made it expensive and time-consuming to develop reports or integrate new processes.

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