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By diane harvey | September 12, 2018 | Business Software , ERP

ERP for SME is becoming more important. Choosing the right software for your business can be a daunting decision for you as a business owner, choosing a software that is easily customisable and tailormade to meet your exact business requirements is key.

So what is ERP software ?

Enterprise Resource Planning software otherwise known as ERP software is a software which collaborates all aspects of a business into one place.  The information which the ERP software collates is made easily available for you to see.

Using ERP software will connect different departments within a business in real-time which in turn increases efficiency within different departments and helps to make key decisions within the business.

ERP software is ideal for small to medium sized enterprises here are a few of the benefits below:


Customisable – ERP software is can be fully tailored to suit your business, and can be used for the following:

Pre sales CRM / Marketing

Post sales CRM

Inventory (SCM)

Financial accounting

Production, planning & Control

Project management

Technical expertise

Task management

Human resources & Payroll

Continuous Improvement

Growth Your ERP software will grow as your business does, it is easy to add new functions into your software which will save you and your staff time making everyday operations more streamlined and in turn this will increase your ongoing profits.

To understand how your business can benefit from implementing an ERP for SME solution, contact us here 

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