How we work

our Values…

We’re passionate about SAP Business One software and we always go that extra mile to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your investment in SAP solutions and Signum expertise.

We use it to run our own company – it sounds simple, but a lot of the software companies you talk with don’t actually use the product they are trying to sell you – it’s always worth asking the question and then asking “why” when they try and explain that one away!

Over the last ten years, we’ve helped many SME business owners use SAP Business One ERP software to get a single view of their business, which in turn has helped boost their profits, improve their customer service and cut costs.


We are sure we can do the same for you and from your first contact with us, you can be assured we will listen to what you want to achieve and guide you to a successful decision. If we think we can’t deliver what you want, we won’t hide from the fact and propose impractical workarounds, we’ll just tell you plain and simple!

However, if we believe your business would benefit from our solution, then we’ll begin work on our four step approach.

Let’s talk a bit more about the process that we will work on together, so that you’ll understand what we will expect of you, and the kind of questions we’ll ask as we go through the process. A better understanding of how we will work with you:

Discover your needs…

  • We will ask you about your business issues and what you wish to achieve by implementing a new business system. From the start, we’re interested in finding out as much about your business as we can – your product range, your customers, your key processes and any “unique” features that your existing systems seem to struggle to accommodate
  • We will briefly tell you about SAP Business One and advise if SAP Business One is suitable to your requirements. We will also introduce you to Signum and outline our experiences with SAP Business One and discuss how they are relevant to your project.
  • If it looks like we have a good match, then we can agree a date and time for an initial face to face meeting . This can either be at your premises, where we will have a chance to see experience the scale and nature of your business, or you can visit our offices, either in Cheshire or Leicestershire.

Initial Meeting

  • Our first meeting will be an opportunity for a more in-depth look at your business processes and system requirements. We can discuss the issues that you feel are currently holding your business back and in turn we will outline the key features of SAP Business One that would be able to help you address these issues.
  • we can also take you through the different deployment options for SAP, to decide whether an on-premise, hosted our on-demand SAP Business one solution is best for you.
  • You will only deal with consultants who have used and implemented SAP Business One and who understand your industry, and they will take away from that initial meeting the information they need to give you an accurate idea of how much the SAP solution would cost.

Diagnose your business issues …

Initial Demonstration

  • If you like, we can arrange an overview demonstration of SAP Business One for you. We find this to be a useful way of flushing out the desired objectives of a new system and gives you a chance to see what the solution looks like and how easy the software is to use. Coming away from this meeting we will have a good idea of who will be using the SAP solution and what types of software license the various users will need.

Budgetary Proposal

  • Following the meeting we will document your requirements and provide you with a guideline proposal. This detailed Budgetary Proposal will confirm our understanding of your challenges and document how SAP Business One can provide an effective solution to each one of them. It will also detail the costs, in terms of software, services and on-going annual costs, and provide some ideas in terms of how SAP Finance could provide some payment alternatives for you.

Define a new business platform…

Proof Demonstration

  • When you are ready to do so, a tailored demonstration of SAP Business One will be arranged, either at our offices or yours. We promise you won’t have to sit through “death by Powerpoint” or a demonstration of meaningless features and functions. You will discover, amongst other things:
      • How SAP Business One will fit your business and address your requirements.
      • How you can use SAP Business One to cut costs and maximise sales opportunities.
      • How to create real-time management reports.
      • How to automate your business processes for cost and productivity gains.
  • The demonstration will reflect your business – taking into account your problems and objectives and focussing on exactly what is important to you.

Following the demonstration, you will receive a final costed proposal which will reflect your exact requirements, and together we can finalise the details of your implementation and begin the handover to our implementation team.

Deliver your solution…

Accelerated Implementation Programme

You’ll find that the transition from selection to implementation is seamless, as the same people involved in helping you select Signum and SAP Business One will be there as part of the team we have to help you go live.

We believe continuity of personnel is one of the keys to an effective implementation and as we’re a “hands-on” company you’ll quickly discover that all of our team are there to help you get the most from your new solution.

We use the standard SAP Accelerated Implementation Programme (AIP)  to help achieve this. This process takes us, together, through 5 key steps;

  • Project Preparation – initial planning and preparation for the SAP Business One implementation project. You’ll quickly see how the integrated Implementation Centre provides a detailed plan that we jointly use to confirm activities and ownership of the key tasks.
  • Business Blueprint – We work together to document a common understanding of how you intend to run SAP Business One to support your business.
  • Project Realization – Here, we implement all the business process and technical requirements defined during the previous phases and documented in the Business Blueprint.
  • Final Preparation – here, we prepare the SAP Business One system and bring over your data from your existing systems ready for production go-live
  • Go Live / Support – and finally we move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation and you join over 40,000 other companies in using SAP Business One to grow and control your business.

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