Signum are unique in the SAP Business One community as we are focused on some key industry verticals, have developed and assembled Industry Editions for each one that delivers unique industry specific functionality and we have great references in our chosen markets. We’re not trying to be all things to all men – we have specific expertise and we’re focused on working with companies who will benefit most from that experience. In addition we are unique in having a 100% customer retention, proving that we really do deliver on our promise to be a trusted, reliable and long term partner with you on your SAP Business One journey.
SAP does provide business solutions for very large organisations, but SAP Business One has been specifically designed and developed to meet the needs and the budget of small to medium sized businesses. Today, there are over 40,000 companies worldwide that rely on SAP Business One to help them run better.
SAP Business One is a standard off-the-shelf “ERP” software package that brings together your accounting/finance, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and service operations, so that you can have visibility and control of every function in your business – using one single integrated system.  SAP Business One has been developed from the ground up for small to medium sized businesses, or SME’s, so it is cost effective, easy to use and quick to implement, with the flexibility built into the system to enable you to rapidly change the way the system responds to changes in your business.
There are no technical restrictions as to how small or large a customer must be to use SAP Business One. Typically it is the functionality required by the company that will determine the suitability of SAP Business One. As well as running on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Business One is also available on the revolutionary HANA database, an in-memory database that offers unrivalled speed and performance, making it ideally suited to fast growing organisations. A key differentiator of SAP Business One is it sheer flexibility which enables it to meet the changing demands of a growing organisation without the need for bespoke programming.
SAP has historically invested heavily and continues to invest in Business One. There are now in excess of 30,000 installations worldwide and this is growing at a rate of 30-35% year on year, which makes SAP Business One key to SAP’s future business strategy. SAP publish a roadmap in the public domain which describes their product development plans for SAP Business One for several years ahead. We are happy to provide you with a copy of the current roadmap and talk you through some of the exciting innovations that SAP is bringing to the market with SAP Business One.
SAP Business One comes complete with its own integrated accounts modules. Far greater business benefit will be had by using the integrated SAP accounts modules rather than linking to an external accounting package. Most of our customers were previously using Sage software before SAP Business One, and they all successfully migrated from Sage to SAP accounts with minimal re-training.
Yes, there are various applications (apps) available for the iPhone and iPad, and devices such as Blackberry, Android and Windows phones. These have been designed specifically for SAP Business One and so you can interact with your system whilst out of the office.
The total price of your system will depend on how many users you have and the type of licence required by each user (we can help you work it out).For example, if you are looking for up to a maximum of 5 users, it may be that the SAP Business One Starter Package is the best option and in this case we could typically implement a complete solution for under £12K (software licenses, implementation costs and first years maintenance and support). For more than 5 users, then the standard SAP Business One pricing is is clear and simple to understand and we’re more than happy to provide you with these details as requested.
Yes, SAP and Signum can offer finance packages which allow you to split the cost of the whole system (software, hardware and implementation services) into affordable monthly payments.

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