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How to work with SAP Business One Microsoft 365 Integration

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With SAP Business One Microsoft 365 integration, you do not have to install Microsoft Office Word or Excel, and you can achieve the following:

Export documents, reports and queries from SAP Business One to the Microsoft OneDrive as Word or Excel

Export the following marketing documents to Word and Excel:

○ Sales quotation
○ Sales order
○ Delivery
○ Return request
○ Return
○ A/R down payment request
○ A/R down payment invoice
○ A/R invoice
○ A/R invoice + payment
○ A/R reserve invoice
○ A/R credit memo
○ Purchase request
○ Purchase quotation
○ Purchase order
○ Goods receipt PO
○ Goods return
○ Goods return request
○ A/P down payment request
○ A/P down payment invoice
○ A/P invoice
○ A/P reserve invoice
○ A/P credit memo
○ Export grid data to Excel
○ Export queries to Excel
○ Export the Customers Receivables Aging report to Word
○ Export the Open Items List report to Word when you select A/R invoices or A/R reserve invoices
● View the exported fiOe online in the Microsoft OneDrive
● Design your own export templates


Download the full guide below. 

Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2021 8:04 am
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