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MSDS authoring software - any other users?

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Evening All,

We are looking at updating our safety data sheet software. We have been using a solution from Lycos, which has worked well but is missing too many features for us. We are looking at a solution from UL (which used to be Safeware) and also at ExEss from Lisam (who actually now own Lycos, as it happens).

Would anyone else have experience of these systems and care to give any insights/regrets?

Once the decision is made, we will embark on integrating with SAP but I am keen to hear any horror stories (if they exist), before we make final commitments.

All the best


Topic starter Posted : 28/11/2018 9:25 pm
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Hi Adam, 

It doesn't seem like anyone linked to Signum uses this specific software however, there may be something we can do within SAP Business One to fulfil this requirement. 

I will ensure someone contacts you in relation to this 🙂

Speak soon,


Posted : 04/12/2018 12:07 pm
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Thanks Diane,

If  anyone is a chemical manufacturer, they will certainly have to generate safety data sheets - it’s a legal requirement. Is it the case that you don’t really have anyone else who does this chemical manufacturing?


I am interested to know any of the software options people might use, whether those I noted or otherwise. 



Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2018 9:50 am

When I worked in Norway in a chemical industry, we were required by law to use a safety data sheet, our company used sdsmanager and some other company that provides safety data sheets. The experience with them was quite good, especially the localization for different languages, since we had employees from different countries in the company, and everyone needed to interact with safety data sheets. If you are interested, you can check out -
We took the paid plan, but you can check out the free plan first. You may find it useful in your production.

Posted : 12/04/2022 4:25 pm
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