Food Manufacturers are Missing Out

Last week, Food Manufacture magazine reported on how food and drinks manufacturers may be missing out on innovation in product development, by choosing instead to tweak and adapt existing products.

Matthew Incles, Senior Consultant at Promar International is reported to have advised that food manufacturers need to focus on what’s going on in the market place as well as on refreshing existing products.

Simply put, by sticking with the same product, are you missing out on getting ahead of the game and putting your business at risk of falling behind your competitors?

The same theory should be applied to food manufacturers’ use of technology.  “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” won’t cut it in a modern technological world and whilst the system that you already have but need to keep making changes to may well keep you afloat, your competitors are speeding ahead by centralising their business processes in order to gain the efficiency needed to compete with larger enterprises.

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Eccelso and SAP Business One – Proof in the pudding

Eccelso chooses SAP Business One to support growth

Eccelso is a manufacturer of quality vegetable suet, margarine and fats. They made the decision to move to SAP Business One to ensure they had a solution in place that would not only support planned growth but would also integrate all departments and eliminate manual tasks.

If you’re not already acquainted with Eccelso, they have been manufacturers for over 10 years and today they serve customers across the globe.

The core of the business is to ensure quality products that meet high standards. This includes ensuring our processes are running smoothly and efficiently. By choosing SAP Business One, we gained a solution that wouldn’t only support planned growth but be fully integrated into all departments automating manual tasks

Since moving to SAP Business One, Eccelso has been able to integrate all departments and eliminate manual tasks. The ultimate result of this initiative is the ability to grow profitably into the future.