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Wholesale Distribution Software to Run Your Business Efficiently 

When looking for wholesale distribution software, many distributors agree that SAP Business One is the solution of choice for long-term growth. It provides major cost reductions and streamlined processes, while facilitating efficient operations management.

In one low cost system, SAP Business One delivers all the finance, sales, purchasing, customer, stock control and warehouse management functionality wholesalers and distributors need to run their business.

Key Functionality

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Inventory Management

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Real-time Reporting

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Response to Demand

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Manual Data Input

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Efficient Picking & Packing

Wholesale Distribution software, like SAP Business One, helps in the performance of your daily tasks and increases your efficiency.
The solution enables distributors to connect the dots between sales, inventory and delivery and allow management to make the right decisions at the right time. In addition, it provides tools for forecasting, capacity management and replenishment planning.
Smaller wholesalers and distributors can now benefit from seamless business processes increasing customer service, improving efficiency, and raising their margins as a result.
Is it time to make a wholesale switch and get the inventory control and tracking you’ve only dreamed of?

Inventory Management with SAP Business One

  • Optimize your inventory management with greater visibility of your business performance.
  • Track and trace your stock on item level, so nothing goes missing.
  • Decrease your costs and improve your efficiency by removing the barriers of out-of-date systems.
  • Increase in productivity and profitability.

Real-time Reporting with SAP Business One

  • True costs of orders allowing you to make informed key business decisions using reliable fact-based data.
  • Accurate forecasting reduces costs and inventory levels along with reducing fulfilment errors and avoiding stock outs.
  • Improved access to information ensures you can effectively manage inventory levels and orders in real time.
  • Increased efficiency and decreased costs by reducing manual processes and input errors.

Reduce Manual Data Input with SAP Business One

  • Reduce errors whilst saving time and money in your warehouse.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and the printing of invoices.
  • Automating repetitive data entry tasks and gain time to focus on more important business issues.
  • Gain visibility and be able to meet deadlines for everyone in the supply chain – users, customers, and suppliers.

Efficient Picking & Packing with SAP Business One

  • Reduce delays and improve customer service so you can increase sales.
  • Automate your picking processes, making them faster and more efficient.
  • Boost accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce waste by optimizing picking and shipping processes.
  • Streamline your supply chain processes, make better inventory management decisions, and improve productivity.

Rapid Response to Demand Change with SAP Business One

  • Visibility to product demand in real-time through a single source.
  • React quickly to cope with fluctuating demand for your products.
  • Deliver the best response times to supply chain changes.
  • Effortlessly understand forecast demand, so that you can respond quickly and profitably to any change in your markets.

SAP Business One, the leading wholesale distribution software for SME’s

With all of this functionality contained in one system, business processes are seamless, eliminating the delays and errors that can occur when data is re-keyed from one system to another. In addition, because all the data is held in one system it is immediately available, so users from the Managing Director to the warehouse operator can always gain access to the most up-to-date information.

The result is improved productivity, faster processing, improved visibility of the business and better decision making.

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“It’s a powerful piece of kit, we are always able to deliver on our promises.”

Matt Philp, Managing Director

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“Our turnover has increased by around 20%, we’ve become a well-oiled machine and can be far more flexible.”

Anna Lena Erikkson, Director  

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