Beginners Guide to SAP Business One

By Diane Harvey | June 24, 2021 | Cloud ERP , ERP , SAP Business One

Welcome to the Beginners Guide to SAP Business One!

Released globally in 2004, SAP Business One has now grown exponentially to have over 65,000 customers around the world who rely on SAP Business One to support and manage every aspect of their businesses.

SAP Business One is an integrated small business management solution, with the capabilities to manage every department from: Sales, Financials, Production, Supply Chain, CRM and more.

This blog will cover the very basics of SAP Business One and what it is capable of. Helping you start on your journey to digitally transforming your business with a tried and tested ERP solution.


A single, affordable solution to manage your entire business

Yes that’s right, no more hopping between multiple documents, spreadsheets, and systems to run your business. SAP Business One gives you a 360 ° overview of your business, in one system so you can maximise your efficiency.

Completely customisable to your business

Simple to configure and easy to maintain. It can be tailored to the needs of the business ensuring productivity and best value for money.

Several ways to finance your B1 project

SAP Business One provides flexible licensing options so you can choose the package that’s right for your business. We can arrange financing for you at a rate that best fits your business. As well as a tailored budget that scales as your business grows.

Scalable software that grows as you grow

From day one, SAP Business One has been built to scale as your business grows. So you can choose to deploy it on-premises or you can run your entire business in the cloud. Plus, with a single solution for managing your finances, assets, logistics, customers, and vendors, SAP Business One is ideal for small businesses.

Access to essential business information at any time, wherever you are

Get real-time dashboards, KPIs, scorecards and business insights to maximize productivity. SAP Business One provides all the information you need to increase opportunities, minimize risks and get the most out of your investments. Accelerate business collaboration with flexible workflows that adapt to your way of working. You can even connect your data to the SAP B1 mobile app for maximum freedom.

Meet privacy laws and keep you and your customers data secure

Achieving compliance is simplified with the combination of leading technology and expert services that help you meet the most stringent industry standards for privacy. With pre-configured business processes ready for deployment, you are sure to increase efficiency without increased risk.

Run B1 on premise or in the cloud

SAP Business One is designed to be easy to implement and set up. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface for your employees and partners. SAP Business One is at home in on-premise deployments or in a hosted cloud environment.

Modern look and feel with SAP Business One V10.0

SAP has recently released Version 10.0 for Business One. This update brings a variety of welcomed upgrades and entirely new features to the ERP of choice for SMEs. Some of the key features in Version 10.0 include an all-new modern interface, web client, localisation, Office 365 integration and even more.


This beginners guide to SAP Business One only scratches the surface. If you think that you are ready to move forward with the #1 choice ERP for SMEs across the world, complete our free personalised business assessment form. One of our industry leading experts will then get in touch to discuss your problems and how you can move forward with SAP Business One.

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