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The Intelligent Solution for Advanced Manufacturing

CompuTec ProcessForce: The ultimate manufacturing solution for SAP Business One users in process, formula-based, and batch-oriented industries.

Gain real-time visibility and control over complex manufacturing processes, including recipe management, multi-level bills of materials, production scheduling, quality control, batch traceability, and accurate costing. Seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One, ProcessForce streamlines forecasting, planning, inventory management, quality testing, and cost rollups.

With its intuitive interface and customisation options, ProcessForce optimises efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring a seamless production operation for SAP B1 customers.

Simplify Complex Manufacturing Scenarios with ProcessForce

Supercharge your manufacturing operations with CompuTec’s solution for advanced manufacturing, an SAP Business One solution designed to meet the unique needs of advanced manufacturing. Experience the power of ProcessForce’s flexible and user-friendly quality control solution, specifically tailored for SMEs in highly-regulated industries like food and chemicals. Streamline your quality control processes and elevate your manufacturing efficiency.

Unlock the potential of ProcessForce with its comprehensive set of key features:

Complex Recipe and Formula Management

Effectively manage complex recipes and formulas with ease. ProcessForce enables you to handle intricate product formulations, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your manufacturing processes.

Analytics and reporting for efficiency

Gain valuable insights into your manufacturing operations with ProcessForce’s built-in analytics and reporting features. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track efficiency metrics, and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement.

Multi-level bills of materials with unlimited revisions

Gain control over your bills of materials (BOM) with multi-level BOM functionality. Easily manage and track revisions, allowing for seamless updates and improved version control.

Complete production planning from forecasting to delivery

Streamline your production processes with end-to-end planning capabilities, from accurate forecasting to efficient delivery management.

Advanced scheduling and capacity planning

Optimise your resources and maximise productivity with advanced scheduling and capacity planning features. Efficiently allocate resources, minimise downtime, and meet production targets.

End-to-end batch traceability

Ensure full traceability and compliance throughout the entire production lifecycle. ProcessForce enables detailed batch tracking, allowing you to easily trace materials, components, and finished products.

Robust quality control at all stages

Implement comprehensive quality control procedures at every stage of your manufacturing process. ProcessForce equips you with powerful quality control tools, ensuring consistent product quality and adherence to regulatory standards.

Dynamic product costing and rollups

Accurately calculate product costs and perform dynamic cost rollups. ProcessForce provides real-time visibility into production costs, enabling you to make informed financial decisions.

Material requirements planning

Optimise your inventory management and streamline material procurement with ProcessForce’s material requirements planning capabilities. Ensure you have the right materials at the right time for uninterrupted production.

End to End Quality Management


Developed in collaboration with manufacturers in highly-regulated industries like food and chemicals, CompuTec ProcessForce offers a flexible and user-friendly test management solution. It caters to the needs of growing SMEs, ensuring efficient quality control processes.

Experience the numerous benefits of ProcessForce in your manufacturing operations

Streamline and control complex manufacturing processes

Simplify and streamline your manufacturing processes, reducing complexity and improving overall operational efficiency.

Ensure accuracy of product data and ingredients

Maintain the accuracy of your product data and ingredients, ensuring consistent quality and compliance throughout the production cycle.

Optimise production scheduling and capacity

Optimise production scheduling and resource allocation, minimising downtime and maximising productivity to meet customer demands effectively.

Easy to implement, customize, and scale

Enjoy the ease of implementation, customization, and scalability of ProcessForce, ensuring that the solution adapts to your evolving manufacturing needs.

Maintain quality and compliance at every stage

Implement robust quality control measures at every stage of production, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Get real-time insights into costs and efficiency

Gain real-time insights into production costs, efficiency metrics, and overall performance to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Enable data-driven forecasting and planning

Leverage data-driven forecasting and planning capabilities to make accurate predictions, optimise inventory levels, and streamline production processes.

Integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One

Seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One, leveraging the power of a unified system to enhance overall operational efficiency and data accuracy.

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