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SAP Business One Case Study Frobishers: How Signum Solutions Helped Frobishers Juices Overcome Business Challenges

Frobishers Juices is a premium drinks brand that specializes in pure fruit juice based in Devon. The company operates a 9 million turnover business with 17 employees, and has been steadily growing since its founding by Mike Dowdeswell in 1969.

The company started by selling squeezed apple juice from the back of a car, and has since grown to produce 20 products across 4 ranges, focusing on quality and customer engagement.

One of the main challenges Frobishers faced was with its old, bespoke overseas system that lacked real-time visibility into its business operations. The company needed better functionality, reportability, support, and flexibility, which led to the decision to implement SAP Business One.

By adopting SAP Business One, Frobishers could record the basics more efficiently and use the system to provide critical information for decision-making, rather than spending excessive time recording data. The move to SAP Business One was a critical step in the company’s journey towards growth and expansion.

However, Frobishers faced issues with post-implementation support from their implementation partner, which led them to switch to Signum Solutions for SAP Business One support. Signum Solutions provided the necessary support to optimize SAP Business One implementation and help Frobishers achieve their business objectives.

This allowed Frobishers to feel more confident in their use of the software and achieve several benefits, including improved inventory management, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer insights.

“From our point of view, if we contact Signum, we always get always get a response and we get a quick response and we get support and we get help and that’s essentially what we want really” – Rob Parsons, Director at Frobisher’s Juices

The pandemic impacted Frobishers’ business significantly, with turnover declining overnight. To address this, the company had to pivot its business model and explore new routes to market. This included developing an online process and introducing the concept of build-a-box to give customers more choice. The company also had to understand more about what its customers liked and didn’t like about its products, in order to improve its offerings.

By leveraging SAP Business One and Signum, Frobishers was able to overcome its challenges and achieve key benefits, including improved inventory management, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer insights.

With a focus on quality and customer engagement, Frobishers is well-positioned to continue growing its brand and expanding its customer base in the years to come.If your business is facing similar challenges, consider implementing SAP Business One and partnering with a trusted provider like Signum Solutions to improve your operations and customer insights.

If you want to learn more about Frobishers range of juices or create your own customized box, visit their website at

Download this SAP Business One Case Study here and find out what SAP Business One and Signum Solutions does for Frobishers Juices.


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