SAP Business One Case Study: Heaton Green Dust Control

"We are a smaller company and SAP Business One solution was the better option for us, financially it was more viable"

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Watch the SAP Business One Case Study Video and see how this SME manufacturer dramatically improved its financial management and gained new levels of control.



The SAP Business One Case Study explores how Heaton Green has been able to improve its inventory management and purchasing processes. It also highlights the benefits of using SAP Business One, such as the ability to manage a varied product portfolio and quickly evaluate new opportunities.

Heaton Green Dust Control is an SME manufacturer with 35 employees and based in Batley, West Yorkshire. Signum Solutions helped Heaton Green gain efficiency and visibility of their processes and financial data by implementing SAP Business One software. As part of this process, we worked with Heaton Green Dust Control to gain an understanding of their business and to recommend a solution which gave them the solution they needed.

After a successful implementation of SAP Business One, Heaton Green has transformed its order to cash process. This enabled the business to meet the requirements of its customers and achieve greater accuracy in managing purchasing and stock through increased stock turns, better asset control and full visibility over its inventory.

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