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SAP Business One Case Study Creative Distribution: How Migrating to a Hosted SAP Platform Transformed Creative Distribution’s Business

Creative Distribution, a leading B2B video game distributor, has experienced remarkable growth and diversification since starting in 2003. In an exclusive interview, Commercial Director Craig Lewis discusses how hosting SAP Business One with Signum Solutions and utilizing the Boyum Usability package has been a game-changer.

The increased flexibility and efficient business processes have enabled Creative Distribution to better serve customers. “The new setup from Signum allows us a lot of flexibility,” notes Lewis. Signum’s hosted SAP solution also removes the pain of self-hosting complex enterprise applications.

From 15 employees in 2003, Creative Distribution now has over 75 staff due to significant growth during the 2008 recession. To manage the expansion, the company invested in larger warehousing, more employees, and upgraded systems. However, outdated in-house systems lacked active management by experts. This led to migrating to Signum’s hosted SAP platform.

“Working with Signum means we now use fully updated solutions and have experts to help us evolve as our business changes,” Lewis explains. The move to Signum’s hosted platform brought numerous benefits like remote access, mobile SAP apps, and cloud-based flexibility. Users are no longer limited to accessing the system from pre-configured machines.

Initial performance issues from intense SAP usage and legacy customizations were quickly resolved by Signum optimizing the configuration. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

SAP Business One provides integrated management of all business processes in one solution. Boyum products like the Usability Package further enhance SAP Business One with customized features and drag-and-drop simplicity.

According to Lindsay Pointon, MD of Signum Solutions: “SAP Business One and Boyum are a winning combination for SMBs, integrating solutions for greater visibility, decision making and efficiency. It’s a game changer for growth and success.”

Key benefits Creative Distribution realized include:

  • Increased Usability: Boyum’s drag-and-drop interface and dashboard customization simplified SAP Business One for users.
  • Flexible Work: Signum’s hosted platform provides easy remote access from any device.
  • Scalability: Adding new users is quick and cost-effective on the hosted platform.
  • Performance: Signum optimized the system for Creative’s intense operational needs.
  • Focus: With Signum hosting SAP, Creative focuses on business instead of IT management.

Want to learn more about Creative Distribution’s transformative experience? Download the full interview PDF now and see how a hosted SAP platform can take your business to the next level.

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Migrating to a hosted SAP environment with an expert partner like Signum Solutions allowed Creative Distribution to upgrade outdated systems, enable flexibility, and remove IT burdens – transforming the business. Read Creative’s story and discover how a hosted SAP platform can benefit your organization.


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