SAP Business One Case Study: Marlin Industries Limited

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In this case study video, watch as Marlin Industries uses the SAP Business One solution to increase business agility, remove complexity and enable visibility into their complex business. See how they can focus more time, energy and resources into their core competencies rather than being bogged down by inefficient and error-filled processes.



Marlin Industries is a SME manufacturer based in Wexham, UK. They provide a range of products and services to the cable industry, which they’ve been doing for over 30 years across 6 sites. They currently employ 188 people.

As their company grew and became more complex, Marlin Industries realized they needed a proper ERP solution to manage their operations effectively.

They took on SAP Business One in 2007 and then went on to have a full reinstall in 2019 taking on the SAP Business One HANA version—the reinstall allowed them to move to home working very easily during the pandemic. Reporting and day-to-day production were easier than ever before thanks to this new system.

SAP Business One provides Marlin Industries with information on packaging i.e. how many times it’s been used. Because of this system, they can also grow their business by knowing exactly what’s going on with each product—when it was packaged, when it arrived at its destination, etc.

This allowed them to take on growth without having to reinvent the wheel: there was already a system in place that could be leveraged.

Because Marlin Industries has integrated SAP Business One with their transport system, they are able to operate at a busier rate than before. This means they can grow without needing more people in the office!

John Droog comments “Quite simply, without SAP Business One and without Signum Solutions our business couldn’t function.”

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