The Chemical industry is under pressure to maintain competitiveness whilst facing many challenges, including; regulatory requirements, safety issues and batch traceability and increased global competition.

We recognise the unique characteristics of chemical companies and offer industry-specific solutions to help you gain the leading edge. With SAP Business One from Signum, you can manage critical business processes, including supply chain planning and execution, manufacturing planning and execution, as well as sales and marketing. Plus, you can manage assets, analyse customer and supplier data, and manage regulatory compliance and other value-added processes.

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Exclusive benefits for Chemicals — Rising raw material costs, extended supply chains and increasing regulatory controls, put ever increasing demands on Chemical manufacturers. With SAP Business One Industry Edition – Chemicals from Signum Solutions, we can work with you to deliver an integrated business platform.

  • Formulas
  • Batch control management
  • Production management
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Quality control
  • Complaint management
  • Product costing
  • Production scheduling
  • Data collection
  • Support for legal standards
  • End to end supply chain traceability
  • Maintenance and servicing of production facilities

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The SAP Business One Industry Edition for Chemicals helps your chemicals business to consistently address quality, safety and compliance issues.

All your standard manufacturing processes are documented within the manufacturing system, and all operations and results are tracked and logged to support your detailed reporting requirements.

Features such as traceability, lot requirements, production statistics reporting, specification management and change management provide the control and predictability you need to detect and address exceptions early, and consistently produce the highest quality products. By tracking items from cradle to grave, using combined stock control and supply chain software, your company can implement effective recall procedures with complete forward and backward traceability of any material, whether your area of expertise lies in the manufacturing of commodity chemicals, industrial chemicals, speciality chemicals, or agricultural chemicals.

The SAP Business One Industry Edition for Chemicals from Signum, enables you to use just one business management system to track ingredients all the way through the production process and out to individual customers – this means that you have all the information, at your fingertips, in case of a customer or supplier query, or a product recall situation.

Our Industry Edition contains enhanced features that help sales and purchasing staff see the true profitability of your business partners and products in a number of ways;

Using stock control software that helps to reduce stock of unwanted products – slow moving items can be easily highlighted and moved on before they become obsolete or out of date
Utilising supply chain software to manage expiry dates with extensive batch and serial control, providing an easy and visual tracking of material from inbound receipt through to outbound delivery.
With sophisticated forecasting and MRP software that enables you to plan for the right products at the right time – using the inbuilt processes to more effectively control stock – what might be an external spreadsheet with your current systems can now become a fully integrated and more effective process.
Utilising in-built accounting software to help achieve the best deal from suppliers, managing purchasing and sales contracts, having multiple price lists for customers and suppliers and being able to generate and track purchase requisitions and request for quotation documents.

SAP Business One Industry Edition for Chemicals delivers all the unique system functionality that a modern chemicals manufacturer needs to run better.

This includes the following key software features:

  • Formulation Based Manufacturing
  • Multiple Formulas, including QC & Production Formulas
  • Multiple Routings and unlimited Operation steps
  • Version Control
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Forward and Backward Batch Scheduling, down to the minute
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Cost Analysis with extensive yield variance analysis and reporting
  • Cradle-to-Grave Lot Tracking with graphical Lot/Batch display
  • Packaging Formulas with multiple Units of Measure per SKU
  • MSDS Production

Further information - Our Chemicals manufacturing software is a powerful solution, simple to use and affordable.


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