Food Manufacturing: Tracing the Genealogy of a Product

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Food manufacturing companies must be able to trace the origin of ingredients to prove their compliance with governmental requirements

With traceability of the full life-cycle pertaining to anything that is being manufactured in the food industry being of the utmost importance when supplying to wholesalers, supermarkets and smaller retail outlets alike, here’s a handy guide to ensure that you don’t miss anything out!

  1. Start with the batch and serial number, checking that all number formats and counters are defined
  2. Check that the shelf life of a product is clearly defined – in both days and hours
  3. Define the batch management policy for expiry or consumption
  4. Calculate the expiry and consume by dates, based on the shelf life of the product
  5. Record the vendor/supplier batch number for each product
  6. Define the period between inspections and plan in future inspection dates
  7. Define the warning period for batch review and expiry date inspections
  8. Record all properties inherited from the product master data, including batch properties and values
  9. Record quality control results using actual test result values, which should be stored against batch properties
  10. Ensure that all of these stages are ticked off and that everyone is aware of this at each stage!

That’s a lot of information to trace.  How are food manufacturing companies best able to keep track of all of this?

For food manufacturing companies, keeping track of all the information and processes involved in their production can be a daunting task. From raw materials to finished products, ensuring traceability and compliance is crucial in the industry. But there’s good news – a comprehensive solution exists to simplify this complex process.

Gone are the days of juggling numerous spreadsheets and reports. Food manufacturing companies are now turning to a reliable and efficient system that addresses all their needs – ProcessForce, an SAP certified industry solution and a core part of the Signum Solutions Industry Edition for SAP Business One.

ProcessForce streamlines and automates the entire genealogy tracing process, making it effortless for food manufacturers to maintain full product traceability. With this powerful tool, companies can easily create batch genealogy trees, offering a comprehensive historical view of all processes, both backward and forward.

Moreover, ProcessForce simplifies the creation of recall and audit reports, including essential customer lists and batch recall reconciliations. This level of detail and accuracy is crucial in ensuring product safety and compliance.

Drilling down into transactions and document traceability is made seamless with ProcessForce, providing quick access to critical information when needed. It enhances efficiency and reduces the time spent on manual record-keeping tasks.

Additionally, ProcessForce enables the creation of inventory and batch reports, giving food manufacturers valuable insights into their stock levels and production status.

By implementing ProcessForce as part of their SAP Business One solution, food manufacturing companies can eliminate the complexities associated with tracking product genealogy. This not only ensures compliance with industry regulations but also boosts overall operational efficiency and quality control.

With Signum Solutions’ Industry Edition for SAP Business One, powered by ProcessForce, food manufacturing companies can confidently streamline their processes and focus on what matters most – delivering safe, high-quality products to their customers. Say goodbye to manual tracking and embrace a more efficient future with ProcessForce.

It handles all of the above.  Easily.  As well as doing all of this:

  • Creation of batch genealogy trees, providing a forward and backward historical view of all processes
  • Creation of recall and audit reports, including lists of customers and batch recall reconciliations
  • Drill downs of transactions and document traceability navigation functionality
  • Creation of inventory and batch reports

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