Food Manufacturers: Tracing the Genealogy of a Product

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Tracing the genealogy of a product is vital for food manufacturers. Robust traceability across the full lifecycle meets the compliance needs of wholesalers, retailers and more. Here is a guide to ensure complete traceability:

1. Define Batch and Serial Numbers

Proper numbering formats and counters enable tracing the genealogy of products to specific batches. This connects finished goods back to ingredients.

2. Establish Shelf Life

Define shelf life clearly in days and hours. This provides timeline boundaries when tracing the genealogy of a product batch.

3. Set Batch Management Policies

Policies for expiration and consumption tracking are essential for tracing product genealogy from production to expiry.

4. Calculate Expiry Dates

Expiry and consume-by dates based on shelf life allow tracing the genealogy of a batch properly from creation through disposal.

5. Record Supplier Batch Numbers

Connecting supplier batches to internal batches enables tracing product genealogy across the supply chain.

6. Schedule Inspections

Routine inspections verify product genealogy remains intact and traceable from ingredients through sale.

7. Define Warning Periods

Advance warnings on expirations enable proactive tracing of product genealogy before issues arise.

8. Record Batch Properties

Comprehensive batch properties allow detailed tracing of product genealogy including ingredients, processing, test results, and more.

9. Log Quality Control Results

Quality control data tied to batches provides traceability by verifying product genealogy at every stage.

10. Confirm at Each Stage

Double checking traceability procedures at each production stage maintains end-to-end genealogy data.

That’s a lot of information when tracing the genealogy of a product.  How best to keep track of all of this?

That’s the easy part.  There’s no need for numerous spreadsheets and reports to provide all of these processes and controls, which are ultimately completely necessary when tracing the genealogy of a product.

The system that more and more food manufacturing companies are choosing is part of an SAP certified industry solution called ProcessForce, which is a core part of the Signum Solutions Industry Edition for SAP Business One. It handles all of the above, easily.  As well as doing all of this:

  • Creation of batch genealogy trees, providing a forward and backward historical view of all processes
  • Creation of recall and audit reports, including lists of customers and batch recall reconciliations
  • Drill downs of transactions and document traceability navigation functionality
  • Creation of inventory and batch reports

Want reliable traceability across your product lifecycles? Signum Solutions can help implement tracing the genealogy of a product

With industry expertise and leading technology like SAP Business One, we enable end-to-end traceability – from raw ingredients through production, quality checks, and delivery.

Comprehensive batch definition, expiration management, supplier linkage, and inspection procedures give you the traceability foundation. Quality control integrations and lot/serial tracking provide detailed genealogy data.

Regulatory compliance and customer demands require tracing product genealogy today. But effective traceability also reduces risks, ensures quality, and enables rapid response if issues arise.

Signum Solutions is a SAP Business One Gold Partner that specialises in helping food industry businesses succeed. We deliver tailored solutions for tracing the genealogy of a product. This upholds safety across your supply chain.

Find out how we can help you implement robust traceability protocols and automation. Contact Signum Solutions today at 01244 676900 or email

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