SAP Business One Version 9.1 – The Highlights

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What’s New in SAP Business One 9.1? A Guide to Key Features and Benefits

SAP Business One 9.1 offers many new capabilities to help businesses streamline operations and access better insights. If you’re considering upgrading to SAP B1 9.1, this overview covers some of the most valuable new features.

Enhanced Production Planning 

The production module in SAP B1 9.1 provides better tools for manufacturing businesses. New bill of materials, production process, and resource management functionality allows for more advanced planning. This supports leaner and more efficient production execution.

Multi-Facility Management

SAP B1 9.1 introduces support for managing multiple branches and business units in a single database instance. This consolidates operational data and reporting across distributed entities. Financials, inventory, sales, and operations can be centralized for a unified view across the enterprise.

Improved Inventory and Costing 

Valuing inventory gets more powerful and accurate in SAP Business One 9.1. Granular costing based on serial numbers and batches provides better insight into profit margins and product costs. This is invaluable for manufacturers, distributors, and resellers.

Streamlined Order Processing 

By expanding blanket agreements and automating more criteria like shipping dates, SAP Business One 9.1 makes order management more efficient. This saves time, reduces overhead, and improves customer satisfaction.

Tax Reporting and Regulatory Compliance Improvements 

Upgraded tax handling and integration with cost centres facilitates compliance and accurate financial reporting. The general ledger enhancements also simplify accounting. This is critical for global businesses operating across different regulations.

HANA-Optimized Analytics in SAP Business One 9.1

For customers running SAP HANA, SAP Business One 9.1 unlocks real-time analytics via dashboards and interactive reports. HTML5 support also provides flexibility in analyzing data on any device.

These are just some of the highlights in SAP B1 9.1 that can benefit your operations and bottom line. Let us know if you need help upgrading or have additional questions!

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