SAP Business One Version 9.1 – The Highlights

By diane harvey | June 12, 2014 | SAP Business One

SAP Business One release 9.1 is almost upon us, and we want to share as much early information as we can, as it looks a great release with some significant new and enhanced functionality.

Instead of sending you a long document with lots of information that may not be relevant to you/your department, we thought we would break information down into manageable chunks, so that you can pick and choose what you look at when considering the benefits of SAP Business One v9.1:

Business logic and localisation

Enhanced production module

Inventory item cost valuation

Multiple branches


Blanket agreement enhancements

Advanced G/L account determination

Maximum weight allocation restriction

Weight factor for unit conversion

Price list enhancements

Pick and pack enhancements

Fixed assets

Extended tax reporting

Default values


Reporting and analytics

SAP Crystal Reports 2013


Lifecycle management and support

Lifecycle management



Enhanced lifecycle management for extensions


Infrastructure and architecture

Permission groups

Hiding business functions

Configurable framework to hide UI items

Data import via Excel

Maximise grid

Copy and paste between SAP Business One grids and Excel

Simplified email and printing


Specific to SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA

New role-based cockpit for analytics and simplified system


Pervasive analytics

Pervasive analytics – advanced Dashboards

Service layer that exposes Business Objects by web service

We are starting our familiarisation and training with the product over the coming weeks and will advise all our customers when the product goes into “GA” release (General Availability).

For now, if you want more information on how SAP Business One Version 9.1 can benefit your business, contact Signum Solutions.

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