‘In-Memory’: What’s the big deal?

Diane Harvey
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Firstly – what does In-Memory actually mean?

Let’s dive into in-memory. Starting with RAM (Random Access Memory), which is what enables you to store data on your computer system, then change it, delete it etc.

The cost of RAM has fallen in recent years and the way that it performs has subsequently improved, which means that the amount of data that can be stored in its memory is far greater than before.

Think about disk-based data warehouses, or even how many disks you own that store large amounts of data.  They’re no longer needed, as the data is all now available, quickly and simply from your system’s memory.

So – if this isn’t new news, why does In-Memory suddenly sound like it’s the next big must-have?

It’s the way that In-Memory computing can now be used.  Take SAP’s In-Memory platform for example.  Called HANA, which is short for high performance analytic appliance, it’s leading the innovation in In-Memory computing by performing 10,000 times faster than standard memory disks.  It does this by using sophisticated data compression, which enables searching, processing, reporting and analysing of data in literally seconds instead of hours, or even days.

According to analyst company Gartner, 10% of large and medium sized companies have already adopted In-Memory computing and predicts that by 2015, that figure will have more than tripled to 35%.

The main benefits are obvious.

The benefits of SAP HANA In-Memory technology are truly remarkable and far-reaching, offering your SME business a competitive edge in the modern digital landscape.

One of the most obvious advantages is the significant time and cost savings. With SAP HANA’s lightning-fast processing capabilities, tasks that used to take hours or days can now be completed in minutes or seconds. This efficiency translates to enhanced productivity and streamlined operations, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down in time-consuming manual processes.

Not only does SAP HANA save time and money, but it also revolutionizes how your business handles data and analytics. In the past, creating ad-hoc reports and complex analyses often required the expertise of consultants and support desks. However, with SAP HANA, your own users can easily generate these reports in real-time, empowering your team with greater data-driven insights without the need for external assistance.

One of the most impressive aspects of SAP HANA is its In-Memory analytics, enabling lightning-fast detection of patterns and the ability to answer complex questions with unmatched accuracy. This means that critical business decisions can be made based on up-to-date and reliable information, providing you with a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.

By harnessing SAP HANA’s advanced capabilities, your SME business can experience unprecedented efficiency, agility, and data-driven decision-making. As a result, you can stay ahead of the competition, seize new opportunities, and drive growth for your organization.

To learn more about how SAP HANA In-Memory technology can transform your SME business and unlock its full potential, get in touch with Signum Solutions today. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the journey of leveraging SAP HANA to accelerate your business success.

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