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Founded in Denmark in 1997, Boyum IT has been a certified SAP Partner since 2004. The company provides easy-to-use configuration tools for SAP Business One, enabling companies to build their own unique functionality into the core SAP Business One system without the need for costly and lengthy bespoke work.

The company now supports over 1,500 companies who use the Boyum Usability Package (SAP B1UP) and has grown to include offices in Denmark, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, China and the USA. As well as a sales office in London, UK and various other sales offices across the globe.

At Signum, we believe that your business should never be put on hold. If you have a new idea for how to make your company work better, you should be able to make it happen without breaking the bank. And when it’s time to upgrade your software, it shouldn’t take months of expensive development to get your customized solutions working again.

We developed a relationship with Boyum IT so that we could offer our customers the opportunity to grow and upgrade their SAP solutions without having to wait months for costly development and coding. With Boyum’s solutions, our customers can get customisation at a fraction of the typical cost of development—and it doesn’t increase the workload when it comes to upgrading their SAP solution!

Get more out of your investment in SAP Business One

Build – Cloud App

Get both new and evolving products on the production line; quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Produce – Cloud App

Manage production orders by planning, approving and tracking production steps in real-time

Inspect – Cloud App

Build consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of your production

SAP Business One is a great product, but it can be so much more

B1 Usability Package

Get the most out of SAP Business One

B1 Print & Delivery

Automate your communication flow easily

CRM for Outlook

Grow your business by building strong connections

B1 iPayment

Process your credit card payments easily

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B1 Usability Package Infographic
CRM for Outlook Infographic

Boyum’s software solutions have enabled businesses to get customisation at a fraction of the typical cost of development—and without preventing upgrades or increasing upgrade workloads.

To discover how you can enhance your SAP Business One solution, contact us today!

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