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Founded in 1972, SAP is a German-based multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software for managing business operations and customer relations. They are especially known for their ERP software.

SAP serves more than 440,000 customers in over 180 countries. The company is a leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

SAP BOne R 3

Streamline Operations with SAP Business One

Simplify your small or midsize business with SAP Business One, an affordable and customizable ERP solution. Manage your entire business across sales, customers, inventory, accounting, and more from a single platform.

Automate Processes for Efficiency

Reduce manual tasks and errors by automating processes across departments, distributing documents, and setting business rules and alerts to enhance productivity.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Start with core functionality and users, then easily expand as your business scales up. Add additional modules, users, and sites with the same solution. Switch languages and versions to support global expansion. Business One has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing business requirements.

Analytical Insights for Informed Decisions

Make data-driven decisions using real-time dashboards and reports in Business One. Integrated analytics provide clear visibility into every business area to optimize performance.

Extend Capabilities with Customisation

Tailor to your unique needs with rapid application development. Quickly build customized applications and portals to achieve ROI while future-proofing your business.

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