Another Product Recall. Could Your Business Cope?

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This week Sainsbury’s have issued a product recall of one of their chicken products, due to a packaging error. Over the past year there have been numerous recalls by all the major supermarkets. Despite regulations and precautionary measures put in place, recalls continue on a regular basis.

Managing a product recall is an extremely difficult and challenging process.  However, having the right Business Systems in place will help you minimise the risk and allow you respond quickly and effectively should your business be faced with this situation.

At Signum, we work closely with food companies looking to maintain a robust reliable solution to compliance and traceability. Our SAP Business One Industry Edition for Food and Beverage Manufacturing  is a powerful solution, simple to use and affordable. Moreover, over half of Signum Solutions’ customers operate within the food manufacturing industry, which means that we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise not only in food manufacturing system (MRP and ERP) implementation, but also in relation to the latest requirements of food manufacturing businesses.

Effective Product Recall Management

Product recalls are a worst-case scenario for manufacturers, but a swift, targeted recall can mitigate risks and protect consumers when issues arise. However, recalls pose major challenges without robust traceability and coordinated processes.

The Importance of Effective Recall Management

Poorly managed recalls lead to expanded scope, high costs, and damage to brand reputation. But an effective, rapid response limits impacts. Best practices for product recall management include:

  • Accurate tracking data – End-to-end traceability provides precise shipment/customer data to pinpoint affected inventory.
  • Early detection – Analytics for early problem identification initiate proactive recalls before major impacts.
  • Coordinated workflows – Streamlined communications between quality, supply chain, legal, and customer service facilitates fast action.
  • Customer notification – Instant alerts via emails, texts, and social media updates quickly inform consumers.
  • Returning/replacing items – Easy logistics coordination and reimbursement minimizes customer inconvenience.
  • Analysing causes – Analytics into recall data identify systemic root causes for improvement.

With integrated systems and procedures guided by quality experts, companies can execute targeted recalls while protecting stakeholder trust.

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Mastering Product Recalls with Modern ERP

Product recalls allow companies to promptly remove potentially hazardous or defective items from the market. But limited visibility into production and distribution makes executing targeted, efficient recalls difficult with legacy systems.

Modern ERP solutions like SAP Business One empower manufacturers to achieve end-to-end traceability across their supply chain. With integrated, real-time data on suppliers, ingredients, processes, and distribution, companies can instantly identify which batches or products to recall and where they are.

Key capabilities of SAP Business One that optimize recall management include:

Granular Batch and Serial Number Tracking

Track batches and serial numbers through all stages from raw materials to finished goods shipment. Identify the precise items affected by issues.

Interactive Supply Chain Visibility

Visualize product genealogy from source through production to consumers. Easily analyse the complete history and path of recalled items.

Real-Time Alerts and Workflow

Instant alerts trigger automated workflows to rapidly initiate recall processes and containment actions across the supply chain.

Digital Recall Documentation

Built-in tools to automatically generate recall reports, notifications, and return forms accelerate coordination with regulatory bodies, partners, and customers.

By leveraging modern ERP, consumer goods manufacturers reinforce accountability, compliance, and responsible practices. SAP Business One delivers the end-to-end traceability and control vital for efficiently managing recalls and protecting consumers.

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