Another Product Recall. Could Your Business Cope?

By diane harvey | January 22, 2016 | ERP , Food and Beverage , ProcessForce , SAP Business One , Wholesale Distribution

This week Sainsbury’s have issued a product recall of one of their chicken products, due to a packaging error. Over the past year there have been numerous recalls by all the major supermarkets. Despite regulations and precautionary measures put in place, recalls continue on a regular basis.

Managing a product recall is an extremely difficult and challenging process.  However, having the right Business Systems in place will help you minimise the risk and allow you respond quickly and effectively should your business be faced with this situation.

At Signum, we work closely with food companies looking to maintain a robust reliable solution to compliance and traceability. Our SAP Business One Industry Edition for Food and Beverage Manufacturing  is a powerful solution, simple to use and affordable. Moreover, over half of Signum Solutions’ customers operate within the food manufacturing industry, which means that we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise not only in food manufacturing system (MRP and ERP) implementation, but also in relation to the latest requirements of food manufacturing businesses.

Full Story: Food recall

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