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SAP Business One and 3 ways to improve efficiency and help you make better decisions for your company.


So, what is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a software designed specifically with SMEs in mind.
SAP Business One combines an array of your business’ functions including its sales, customer relations, inventory, operations and financials and all from a single application meaning that you can take an overview of all aspects of your business at a glance.
Business One software is different to other applications and much easier to use, it does not require various installs and configuration which other software usually does. Some of the benefits include the following;

Greater Informed Decision Making

You may be thinking how is this possible? SAP Business One software lets you see at a glance all of the different aspects of your business, giving you the luxury of a complete over-sight of your business. It will also allow staff to reply to customer queries quicker and will allow them to upload information from different departments instantaneously meaning greater communication throughout your company!

Higher levels of Efficiency – Business Wide

Better efficiency means higher profits in any business, Business One allows you to connect different departments within your business in a single thread at the touch of a button. By having a more streamlined system it will allow you to make the important decisions that will grow your business. The brilliant thing with SAP Business One is that it will grow as your company does and that it is completely customisable meaning that any unforeseen changes within your business are catered for!

Cost Reduction

With SAP Business One you can eliminate additional costs that crop up owing to legacy systems that use components, which lack efficiency and increase costs in the process. Since you are able to combine various areas of your business you achieve greater control over all. You can also reduce the costs incurred in areas such as yearly support and maintenance. Using SAP Business One also allows you to manage your storage costs incurred for inventory and reduces waste generated by your company – a big benefit in this world where pollution is going up alarmingly!

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