Master Your Inventory Management
with SAP Business One

Optimise Your Stock
with SAP Business One

SAP Business One’s Inventory module equips your business with the essential tools to maintain optimal inventory levels, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction.

From tracking stock movements to managing item master data, this module equips you to handle all your inventory management needs efficiently.

Key Features of the Inventory Management Module

Item Master Data Management

For enhanced inventory accuracy, manage intricate details of all items including serial and batch numbers, alternative items, and default catalog numbers.

Inventory Transactions

Navigate inventory control effortlessly with the ability to conduct transactions such as goods receipts, goods issues, inventory transfers, and physical counts.

Price List Creation & Management

Streamline the pricing process by creating and managing price lists with options for volume, special, and periodic discounts.

Pick & Pack Processing

Efficiently fulfil sales orders and reserve invoices with streamlined pick and pack processing capabilities.

Inventory Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports on items, inventory postings, warehouse stock levels, and valuation for informed decision-making.

Inventory Opening Balances & Tracking

Easily define and update inventory opening balances and conduct accurate inventory tracking for optimal stock management.

Cycle Count Recommendations

Based on ABC analysis and the last counted date, the system can recommend cycle counts, improving stock accuracy and control.

Inventory Revaluation

Adjust your inventory values based on current market prices to maintain an accurate and fair valuation of your stock.

Business Partner Linking

Connect price lists to business partners and payment terms to ensure that sales and purchase prices remain updated.

Sales Order Fulfilment

Create pick lists, pick items, pack shipments, and generate delivery and A/R invoice documents to manage the full cycle of pick, pack, and ship for sales orders.

Inventory Insights

Benefit from detailed insights into inventory quantities, movements, and valuation through comprehensive reporting.

The SAP Business One

SAP Business One‘s Inventory module is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic asset for your business.

It equips your business to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth.

With SAP Business One, inventory management becomes a valuable driver of business success.

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