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In the intricate arena of global business, smart procurement can be the difference between success and setback.

The Purchasing Management module of SAP Business One serves as the linchpin, streamlining your procurement processes and providing a foundation for smart, strategic decision-making.

SAP Business One’s Purchasing Management module simplifies this complexity, enabling you to take control of your procurement processes and turn them into a strategic asset.

Key Features of the Purchasing Module

Comprehensive Purchase Management

Manage the entire procurement process, from creating purchase requisitions to establishing long-term contracts with suppliers. Easily return goods and issue credits as needed.

Supplier Comparison

Send out supplier requests for quotes and compare pricing from different vendors to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Streamlined Document Generation

Generate essential documents such as purchase orders, goods receipts, and supplier invoices seamlessly.

Landed Costs Assignment

Account for all costs associated with imported goods, including customs, shipping, and taxes, for accurate cost evaluation.

Sales Order Procurement Assistant

Convert sales documents into purchase documents efficiently, and group similar items from one supplier for ease of processing.

Versatile Reporting

Select from various reporting options including open orders, purchasing analysis, requests, inquiries, and more. Reports can be filtered by several parameters for tailored insights.

Supplier Relationship Management

Link purchase documents to framework agreements, ensuring automatic application of agreed prices and fostering strong relationships with suppliers.

Stock Management

Control inventory by removing stock items when returning goods to suppliers, and only post invoices to accounting when goods are received to maintain accurate inventory counts.

Flexible Invoicing

Clear AP invoices fully or partially with incoming credits, and easily start incoming invoices by copying from goods receipts.

Wide Range of Goods & Services

Assign both physical goods and services in your purchasing management, offering a holistic view of all procurement activities.

The SAP Business One

SAP Business One’s Purchasing Management module isn’t just a tool—it’s a game-changer.

By streamlining your procurement processes and providing detailed insights into supplier performance, it helps you to make informed decisions, boost efficiency, and drive strategic growth.

With SAP Business One, procurement becomes more than just purchasing—it becomes a source of competitive advantage.

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