Amplify Your Sales & CRM
with SAP Business One

Sales Tools for Success
with SAP Business One

Successful Sales & CRM strategies involve understanding your customers’ needs and meeting them effectively. 

The Sales & CRM module of SAP Business One is designed to enable you to manage your entire sales process and customer lifecycle efficiently – from initial contact to final sale, after-sales service, and support.

Key Features of the Sales & CRM Module

Centralised Customer Data

Merge all crucial customer data in one spot and sync it effortlessly with Microsoft Outlook contacts, ensuring smooth communication.

Impactful Marketing Campaigns

Devise, implement, and evaluate marketing campaigns with ease. Track their impact and align them seamlessly with your business objectives.

Simplified Sales Process

Facilitate every step of your sales operations – from creating quotes, processing orders, managing deliveries, to handling invoices, and updating stock balances.

Efficient Supplier Interactions

Handle supplier transactions efficiently including issuing purchase orders and quotations, stock number updates, landed cost calculations for imports, returns and credits management, and payment processing.

In-depth Sales Analysis & Forecasting

Utilize detailed reporting capabilities for sales tracking and forecasting.

Assess opportunities based on a multitude of parameters such as lead source, territory, industry, customer, and item.

Business Partner Information

Maintain comprehensive profiles of customers, resellers, and suppliers. Keep track of sales reports, activities, account balances, and more.

Robust CRM Functionality

Monitor every customer interaction from lead identification to closure and beyond.

Detail every opportunity and streamline customer lifecycle management with integrated CRM functionalities.

SAP Business One Mobile App:
Empowering Your Business

Seamless Access

Access critical company information anytime, anywhere, empowering managers, executives, salespeople, and service technicians to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Management

Manage contacts, sales activities, and service tasks with ease, transforming your mobile device into a portable office.

Prioritize High-Value Clients

Sort customers based on parameters like order value, frequency, and account balance, enabling focused efforts and streamlined customer management.

Document and Pricing Integration

Attach documents and special pricing agreements directly to specific accounts, eliminating the need for paper files or scattered digital folders.

Inventory Insights

View item quantities by warehouse location, allowing sales personnel to quickly confirm product availability for clients.

Efficient Sales Order and Quote Management

Update sales orders or quotes on the go, speeding up order processing and enhancing customer service.

Streamlined Document Sorting: Sort related documents by number, name, or delivery date, ensuring quick and easy access to the right information.

SAP Business One sales Mobile App

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