SAP HANA Named a Leader Among In-Memory Database Platforms

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SAP Hana has been recognised as a leader among in-memory database platforms by Forrester Research.

SAP HANA has been named a leader among in-memory database platforms by Forrester Research in their latest independent report. Out of 11 major vendors analyzed, SAP HANA ranked the highest in the crucial Current Offering and Strategy categories. The Forrester Wave also placed SAP HANA among the top contenders for Market Presence.

“SAP’s razor-sharp focus on in-memory technology is paying off,” wrote Noel Yuhanna, Forrester’s principal analyst serving enterprise architecture professionals, in the report. This prestigious designation validates SAP’s pioneering role in driving widespread in-memory computing adoption. According to the report, SAP HANA stood apart from competitors in several key areas:

  • Vision – SAP earned a perfect 5/5 score for their long-term roadmap and approach to empowering customers through in-memory technology. The company’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures they are enabling success in the digital economy.
  • Data Management and Analytics – With a 5/5 rating for data management and a 5/5 in analytics support, the platform provides unmatched capabilities for managing transactional and analytical workloads on a single, unified platform. This eliminates silos and fragmentation.
  • Execution and Market Impact – A top score of 5/5 for execution reflects SAP’s ability to deliver on their technology vision. The company also earned high marks for market presence, revenue, customer adoption, partners, and ability to support implementations at scale.

“We believe that our latest position as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ further validates the strategic path we are pioneering for in-memory computing across the industry,” said Greg McStravick, global head of Database and Technology, SAP. “We are helping customers move away from point database solutions to a much more powerful in-memory platform, capable of running any analytical and transactional application in a single environment. Our commitment to delivering continuous innovation around the platform ensures we are helping customers succeed in today’s digital economy.”

What is SAP HANA?

It an in-memory database platform that provides capabilities for both transactional processing and advanced analytics on a single architecture. By storing data in-memory and parallelizing computations, It eliminates disk I/O latency and dramatically accelerates performance for operational and analytical applications. This enables real-time business intelligence on live transactional data.

The widespread embrace of SAP HANA demonstrates its growing dominance as the premier in-memory database. Key stats include:

  • 7,200+ customers, doubling in just one year
  • 1,500+ SAP HANA Cloud Platform clients
  • 2,100+ start-ups leveraging SAP HANA
  • 850,000+ active SAP HANA users

Realize the Full Potential of SAP HANA with Our Guidance

As an SAP Gold Partner, Signum Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you capitalize on the benefits of SAP HANA. Our team of certified consultants can partner with you to:

  • Transform your key processes and analytics by enabling real-time operations and insights. We’ll analyse your pain points and identify high-impact use cases.
  • Design the optimal architecture and integration strategy for your infrastructure and business needs. We’ll ensure you have a flexible, scalable foundation.
  • Deploy smoothly and efficiently. We use best practices refined across countless successful projects to mitigate risks and accelerate time-to-value.
  • Develop custom solutions on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to extend your capabilities for innovation and growth. Our developers are skilled at building apps optimised for performance.
  • Provide long-term managed services and support to maximize the performance and adoption of your landscape.

By leveraging our SAP-certified expertise, you can confidently unlock the true potential of SAP HANA’s real-time analytics and performance for your most crucial initiatives.

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