About Signum

Here at Signum we like to think we’re just that little bit different from other SAP Business One partners, mainly for a couple of reasons;


Firstly, we specialise exclusively in SAP Business One for SMEs. We do this because we believe it is the best business solution for small and midsize companies like you, and it’s the only solution we have ever offered. So, consequently, all our resources are dedicated to this one solution. Our goal is to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment in our partnership.

Secondly, we believe that being focused just on one solution, SAP Business One, still isn’t enough. We need to make the most of our years of experience in implementing and supporting customers and have identified key industry sectors where we offer a unique and proven, successful solution, alongside our extensive experience in those sectors.

So, as a result, we have established our credibility and position as a leading SAP partner and focus 100% of our resources on supplying, implementing and supporting SAP Business One solutions for businesses in the food & beverage, chemicals & coatings, wholesale, foodservice and manufacturing markets.

We are a fully certified SAP Business Gold Partner.

Now, as well as having that unique two level focus, and unlike some partners who don’t “practice what they preach” we actually use SAP Business One to run our own business. So, we understand first-hand how to get the best out of the software.

There we go, we’re not a “one size fits all” high volume type partner, instead we focus on some very specific markets where we have developed unique functionality to maximise the benefits from your investment, and we develop long term relationships and are massively proud of.

In these sectors, we help owners of companies with up to 100 employees use SAP Business One to:

  • Increase profitability – by giving your sales and customer service people the information they need to sell more effectively.
  • Trim the fat – give you the tools you need to reduce costs by purchasing more effectively, eliminating excess stock and
  • Streamline processes – built in automated alerts, use the built in workflow to manage  your approval processes. This will enable you to control your business easier and quicker.
  • Win new business – by improving customer service and enabling your sales people to find and manage new opportunities easier than they can right now.
  • Become easier to do business with – become a “best-run” business.

As an SAP Business One certified reseller and accredited SAP Gold Partner you can be sure of our expertise and professionalism.

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