Top 10 ERP manufacturing requirements for Food & Beverage

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ERP manufacturing requirements in the food and beverage industry are growing increasingly complex. Heightened regulation stems from contamination, labelling, and ingredient declaration issues across supply chains. Evaluating if your ERP meets modern requirements is critical.

Why ERP Manufacturing Requirements Are Evolving

Due to major health incidents from poor practices, regulatory bodies mandate stronger controls. This impacts ERP requirements for traceability, quality, and operational rigor in food production.

Outdated ERP systems lag on meeting key capabilities like:

  • Batch and lot traceability
  • Shelf life management
  • Recall workflows
  • Automated scheduling
  • Shop floor integrations
  • Production analytics

Assess Your ERP Manufacturing Requirements

When assessing your ERP manufacturing requirements ensure it aligns:

  • Formula and bill of materials management
  • Quality and food safety protocols
  • Comprehensive batch tracking
  • Seamless plant floor connectivity
  • Manufacturing data collection
  • Reporting for operational insights

Prioritize ERP Enhancements to Meet Requirements

Identify and prioritize requirements your current ERP lacks to address through enhancements or a new system. This ensures alignment to evolving regulations.

Leverage ERP Advisory to Strengthen Manufacturing

Our experts can help optimise your system to satisfy critical ERP manufacturing requirements in food production. Let’s discuss your environment and priorities.

Here  are the top 10 ERP manufacturing requirements you should be adding to your ERP section checklist:

  1. Ingredient Declaration and Allergens – calculate nutritional and allergen data, and record supplier certificates and specifications data for Halal, Kosher, Bio categories.


  1. Batch Traceability and Recall – simple and easy to use forward and backward tracking to understand and answer all your batch related questions.


  1. Batch Date and Quality Status Control – shelf life, expiry date, and inspection dates to reduce stock  write-offs, obsolescence and increase business profits, and status control to block batches to be consumed or sold.


  1. Material Consumption – based on a FIFO and/or FEFO basis, and in high volume production backflush traceable products.


  1. Quality Control – manage pre, in-process and post production quality control checks, batch and serial re-testing and purchase goods receipt to increase product quality and safety.


  1. Recipe Management – create percentage based recipes to include scrap and yield, co-Product, by-product and scrap management – to manage product variation as a result of the production process.


  1. Yield Planning and Analysis – build into your recipe planned yield percentages and method for calculating actual yield.


  1. Complaint management – centralise customers, supplier and internal business complaints into your ERP system, for analysis and business process integration to product returns, financial credits and quality processes.


  1. Scheduling – optimise the factory based on an allergen vs non-allergen production plan, while keeping to customer delivery dates.


  1. Certificate of Analysis – print general and customer specific certificate of analysis documents for the same batch


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