Batch Traceability – Looking for a needle in a haystack

Diane Harvey
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If your business produces products within a regulated industry, batch traceability is of the utmost importance. The reality of “Batch Traceability” is that it is a highly complex multi-dimension issue that touches all parts of the enterprise.

The problem arises, when you have to find the cause to understand the effect, regardless if you’re undertaking a real life or simulated product analysis and recall. Searching through your batch record Big Data, is like “looking for a needle in a haystack”. Visualisation is the optimum way to sift through the data haystack to find the information needle point to increase visibility, reduce the time and cost of analysis to make timely and informed decisions.

Attaining End-to-End Batch Traceability

Fortunately, new solutions now provide integrated batch traceability within your ERP system. SAP Business One with ProcessForce enables complete batch genealogy across your value chain with:

  • Real-time tracking of batch components from raw materials through production
  • Instant visibility into batch processing steps, conditions, equipment
  • Automated workflows to trace finished products back to all batches, materials, and suppliers
  • Interactive analysis of batch processing history across the supply chain

With these capabilities, you gain the end-to-end batch traceability essential for compliance, recalls, and transparency. Effortlessly search batch “big data” to find insights. Visualize interactive batch paths both forward and backward through production. Drill down into transactions to see enterprise-wide implications.

By connecting batch traceability across your systems, SAP Business One with ProcessForce provides the visibility needed to make informed decisions and address issues promptly. Reach out today to learn more about achieving complete, integrated batch traceability.

Using our SAP Business One – Industry Edition with ProcessForce, provides such a solution for regulated industries, allowing users to quickly understand the batch path (both forwards and backwards) and batch status through the inventory and production flow process and to then drill down to understand the transactional effects and implications across the enterprise.

To better understand the benefits of batch Traceability in SAP Business One, visit our case studies or alternatively, if you want to know more about how we can help, call 01244 676900 or fill in the form below.

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