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"The system has won people over internally. Our advice would be SAP B1"

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This SAP Business One case study discusses how Caldervale used SAP’s Business One software to create a link between it and its customers, facilitating a more efficient business model

Every business is different and implementing an ERP system to automate key business processes can be a very daunting task. Caldervale Technology had implemented the SAP Business One solution to allow their clients easy access to information on stock levels and provide clients with live interaction of any order placed with the manufacturer.

Caldervale Technology is a UK-based firm that specialises in designing, manufacturing and supplying electro-fusion control units and tools for joining together plastic-based water and gas distribution systems. Established since 1992, the company has grown steadily over the years across multiple locations, with its head office in Dewsbury. Caldervale serves an established customer base based in the UK, Europe, Africa and India.

Caldervale had a vision of how they wanted the company to operate. they wanted to make doing business with them as simple as possible for their customers. they wanted them to have a window into Caldervale, to be able to place an order, monitor progress, call off stock and have a paperless order chain.

Caldervale Technology considered their options. They looked at the other systems available but nothing really matched their needs. When SAP announced SAP Business One, it seemed to be the answer Caldervale was looking for. Through implementation of the system, the time taken to process accounts receivable has decreased dramatically. This is due to the fact that invoices are uploaded to the system in real time, so there are no longer any delays. The business can now access an up-to-date database – with live data – of all the invoices that have not yet been paid.

Gordon is a strong advocate of SAP. He believes that SAP will create competitive advantage in the market, and he acts on this belief by proudly displaying the SAP logo at major industry exhibitions. “In our industry having SAP speaks for itself”, Gordon concludes. “When I tell customers we have SAP, they are genuinely surprised. It’s a feather in our cap and an important differentiator. The system has also won people over internally. Before our accountant would have said we should use Sage. Now his advice would be SAP Business One.” Gordon Lilley, Managing Director

Caldervales experience with SAP Business One software helps its customers monitor their inventory more efficiently, giving them better visibility.

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