SAP Business One Case Study: Fosters Bakery

By Diane Harvey | February 3, 2021 | Food & Beverage

Discover how Signum Solutions helped Fosters Bakery take SAP Business One to the next level by simplifying and aligning processes, integrating of departments and enhanced reporting – watch the case study video! 


Business’s are looking to reach new heights in terms of growth, but many find themselves stuck in the midst of operational complexities and challenges. Fosters Bakery is one such business; it had reached a stage where it was only limited by its own ability and imagination to grow its footprint and operations. However like other small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it hadn’t been able to break free from the shackles of its operational matters, which prevented it from specializing in core competencies and limiting potential growth opportunities.

Fosters Bakery is a high quality bakery manufacturer supplying high quality vegan and vegetarian bread and confectionery for food service. They needed to run their business with more efficiency, be able to compete with bigger food companies, and increase customer satisfaction.

With SAP Business One already implemented, Fosters had begun to feel they were not getting the most from the solution. Going into partnership with SAP business solutions partner Signum Solutions, Fosters aimed to find a way to drive business efficiency and increase profitability.

“Since Signum have come in they have really helped us come along – in a big way”

Watch the SAP Business One case study below. In this video, you will see how SAP Business One and Signum solutions help Fosters Bakery achieve efficiencies that allowed them to focus on growth.


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