SAP Business One Case Study: Tozer Seeds Ltd

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This SAP Business One case study explores how Tozer Seeds Ltd were able to overcome the limitations of their previous system and improve their business operations.



Tozer Seeds Ltd, a family business headquartered in Cobham, Surrey with offices in California, Spain, and Holland, has been in business since 1944 and has a turnover of approximately 29 million and employs 97 people.

The company was facing a lack of integration between their finance and stock systems, difficulties in tracing stock and value, and reliance on spreadsheets, all of which were impacting their ability to manage their business effectively.

The implementation of SAP Business One proved to be a solution for Tozer Seeds, offering improved data accessibility, flexibility in reporting, accuracy of data, and a better view of their business finances.

Tozer Seeds operates in a complex and highly regulated industry, where batch characteristics and quality control processes play a critical role in their daily operations. With the previous system in place, it was difficult to manage and track the various batches and their respective characteristics, leading to inefficiencies and potential quality control issues.

Implementing the SAP Business One system has allowed Tozer Seeds to streamline these processes, ensuring that all batches are properly tracked and recorded, and that the quality control processes are followed accurately. The combination of process boards and SAP Business One has significantly improved the company’s ability to manage their batch complexities and QC processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Tozer Seeds improved their business operations through the implementation of SAP Business One, consider watching the case study video below.

This video explores the challenges Tozer Seeds faced with their previous system and how SAP Business One was able to provide solutions, particularly in handling complicated batch characteristics and complex quality control processes.

“I would say that if you want to implement a computer system when the world is falling to pieces look no further than SAP and Signum”

Steve Winterbottom – Managing Director of Tozer Seeds Ltd


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