Cloud-based SAP Business One: Is it the right choice for your business?

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For many businesses, especially small ones, the cloud is often seen as the great unknown. But this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, with a cloud-based SAP Business One solution you can get a host of benefits that are great for your business.

In the past, if you wanted to run an ERP solution like SAP Business One, you had to buy and install all of the hardware in your office and then host the software yourself. The problem with this model is that it is time consuming and resource intensive and can be expensive.

If your company has multiple branches around the country, or even around the world, then you need a server for each location. This means that you need more than one set of servers, and a whole lot of IT support.

The key benefit of cloud-based SAP Business One is that it makes it easier for companies with multiple locations to centralise their business processes and improve efficiency. This means that all employees can access real-time information from a single source rather than having to log in to multiple systems to get what they need.

Technology moves forward at a fast pace, and business software cannot be left behind. SAP Business One is no exception. It’s easy to see that cloud-based ERP solutions are the future of how we will be running our businesses, allowing for scalability, easier upgrades and constant connection to the latest technologies.

The biggest advantage of cloud-based SAP Business One is that you will be able to tap into new technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

IoT allows for your mobile employees to access critical data when it’s needed through a smartphone or smartwatch.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help you improve the accuracy of data and make business decisions faster than ever before.

For many businesses, moving their solutions to the cloud is a top priority. After all, if you want to grow and thrive in today’s economy, you need to be agile and flexible, and this means making the most of the latest technology.

However, despite the advantages gained from having access to new technology, many businesses are still hesitant when it comes to changing its current solution.

This is because some companies believe that moving their business-critical application to the cloud will slow down the performance of its core functions.

Although old school companies might get stuck on trying to find the perfect hosting infrastructure for their SAP Business One, installing your system on a managed cloud environment is one of the best reasons of all to migrate to harness new technologies such as analytics, mobility and artificial intelligence.

These new innovations help you take your business to the next level by making it more efficient and profitable. With the power of these technologies at hand, you can easily improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Moving from on premise to cloud may sound more technical than it really is. But if you’re thinking about moving your SAP Business One solution into the cloud or considering implementing SAP Business One in your business, there are several key benefits to consider.

Here are some key reasons why you should embrace a cloud-based SAP Business One solution:

Scalability & Flexibility

A cloud-based SAP Business One solution can grow with your business as you’re only paying a monthly fee for the service you need, when you need it.

This gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as your needs change without any upfront investment in hardware or software. Meaning, that you don’t have to pay for resources that you aren’t using which makes the cost more predictable and manageable.

The providers of cloud-based solutions can scale their resources up or down depending on demand. This means if you need more space than you originally signed up for, you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware upgrades – simply ask the cloud provider to scale up its resources.

Increased Productivity: Access your data anywhere, anytime

The biggest benefit of cloud-based SAP Business One for many businesses is that you can access your data anywhere, anytime. All of your data is stored securely in the cloud so that you can access from any device with an internet connection.

This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple offices across the country or those with employees who work remotely. By moving to the cloud, you can be more responsive to the needs of your customers and clients as well as provide a better service.

Improve Efficiency & Save on Costs

On premise IT infrastructure requires significant maintenance and monitoring to ensure that everything is running smoothly. A cloud-based solution takes this burden away so that you can spend more time focusing on your customers and growing your business rather than worrying about servers and software updates.

By moving to cloud-based SAP Business One, you can save on costs associated with maintaining an on-premise ERP system. As it is provided by a third-party provider, you don’t have to worry about purchasing the hardware or hiring highly trained IT professionals to run it for you.

With minimal to no upfront costs, a subscription model provides greater financial visibility with predictable monthly payments, rather than one large initial outlay which is typical with an on-premise solution. This also means that your IT department can focus on other projects or tasks rather than being distracted by system administration and uptime issues.

Security: Peace of mind

As it is hosted by a third-party provider, cloud-based SAP Business One systems are more secure and there is less chance of them being affected by viruses. In addition to this, there are several back-up systems in place if anything should happen to the primary system. This means that you don’t have to worry about potential security issues or having back-up plans in place if something goes wrong with the system.

Your data is stored in a secure data centre that is regularly monitored and maintained by experts, so you would also no longer have to worry about securing your own servers.

New Technology: Automation & Integration

Technologies such as IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence allow you to automate tasks that were previously manual and time consuming, streamline processes and predict customer behaviour based on data analysis.

You can use this information to personalize content, anticipate customer needs and deliver more efficient service — all of which improve customer satisfaction and help you stay ahead of the game

These technologies are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of enterprise applications, and they could play a major role in the future of your business.

You’ll have access to a new world of opportunities, and you’ll be able to move faster than your competitors. That’s why there’s never been a better time to consider cloud-based SAP Business One.

A successful business is one that uses technology to its advantage. You can learn more about how our customers are using cloud-based solutions by reading our customer stories here.

We know that the value of your company isn’t in the software you run, it’s in what you do with it. A cloud solution allows you to focus on growing your business rather than spending time and money on maintaining it.

If you are unsure whether it’s time for a change, it’s worth speaking with one of our advisors who can assess your needs and advise you on whether cloud-based SAP Business One is the right choice for your business.

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