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Experlogix Digital Commerce | Helping Companies Sell Smarter

Experlogix | A complete B2B eCommerce Platform for SAP Business One

Signum Solutions clients can now grow their business online with scalable eCommerce, mobile apps and eProcurement solutions for SAP Business One.

B2B eCommerce for your ERP

Whether you sell solely to B2B, B2C or a combination of both; sell to global markets or have a vast network of resellers, the Experlogix Digital Commerce platform has the right eCommerce solution for your business. Our SaaS eCommerce products are all integrated, out-of-the-box in real-time, with your SAP system

We offer one or more eCommerce solutions all from the one secure Cloud Platform:

Experlogix Customer ordering Portal
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Experlogix B2C webshop icon

Customer Ordering Portals

B2B eCommerce WebShop

B2C eCommerce WebShop

Experlogix Multi Region Sites _ Internationalisation
Experlogix Microsites _ Brand Sites
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Multi Region Sites / Internationalisation

Microsites / Brand Sites

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Experlogix WebShop provides seamless, real-time integration with your ERP software. WebShop is an award winning and certified eCommerce platform. It offers both B2B & B2C companies’ scalability to promote and develop their online operations. An out-of-the-box product that will streamline and automate sales orders. WebShop is the fastest, most reliable and most cost-effective way of getting your business online.

Webshop Benefits:

  • Integrate in Real-Time with your SAP Software
  • Streamline & Automate Business Processes
  • Easily Scale as your Business Grows
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Reduce Duplicate Data Entry
  • Cater Both B2B & B2C Customers
  • Omni-Channel Selling
  • Easily Reach Global Markets
Experlogix Distributor Webshop

PocketShop App

This customer ordering app from Experlogix delivers a great mobile app experience for your business. Your customers can download from the app store and easily create orders on the fly for delivery or collection. A Pocketshop app is integrated to SAP Business One out-of-the-box and can be branded and in the app stores in less than 4 weeks!

Experlogix PocketShop 2

Pocketshop Features:

  • Easy and efficient ordering on the go
  • Streamlined user experience for faster ordering
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Real time stock, pricing, and account information
  • Live ordering straight into SAP Business One
  • Branded for your Company

*Pocketshop can be launched as a standalone product, for those who already have an existing online Webshop from another provider.

Benefits of Experlogix Digital Commerce

Integration: Power your online sales channels with direct, real-time data between all our Digital Commerce products and SAP Business One.

Scalability: Scale your B2B eCommerce operations online with futureproof Digital Commerce products that grow and flex along with your business.

Reduce Tech Stack Complexity: With our SaaS (Software as a Service) model, we manage, upgrade, and support your software centrally… So, you don’t have to.

Improve Customer Service: 24/7 online ordering and account management for your customers and sales teams across multiple devices.

Streamline your business processes: Automate tasks such as inventory management, order processing and payment collection while reducing manual effort.

Multichannel: Implement Digital Commerce that seamlessly integrates online and offline channels to provide customers with a unified buying experience across multiple touchpoints of your business.

Benefits of Experlogix partnership with Signum Solutions

Experlogix Digital Commerce combined with Signum Solutions SAP expertise, means your business will be able to scale to new heights. Our combined dedication to continuous improvement and innovation will equip your business with the latest digital ordering technologies and best practices.

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