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CompuTec, our Software Solutions Partner for advanced manufacturing with SAP Business One has now added plant maintenance functionalities to their offering. These new functionalities are now available in CompuTec ProcessForce versions 10.0 R8 and 9.3 PL14 R4 and higher.

This exciting new development is packed with features to help CompuTec ProcessForce users keep their machine park running profitably and efficiently by giving them additional tools to:

  • Minimize breakdowns,
  • Keep assets in optimal working condition,
  • Cut down on time lost due to equipment and machinery failures,
  • Reduce maintenance costs,
  • Improve maintenance accountability

Better maintenance of machinery and equipment usually has knock-on-effects in the form of improved product quality and overall productivity as well.

Worthy of note is the degree of flexibility in CompuTec ProcessForce’s Plant Maintenance.  It accommodates a wide range of machine types and setups and is easy to adapt to every production environment.

They use the concept of digital twins to create a Maintainable Item that represents a real machine, tool or piece of equipment in the SAP Business One database.

CompuTec ProcessForce Maintainable Item MI Details Tab

CompuTec ProcessForce – Maintainable Item – MI Details Tab

You can then assign Effective Meters to the Maintainable Item which the employees will be able to collect data from to enter into the database. There are also tools to record and aggregate both effective and physical meter readings and a report to let you quickly review the history of any meter.

Meter Readings

CompuTec ProcessForce – Meter Reading

Physical Meter Readings History

CompuTec ProcessForce – Physical Meter Readings history report

Effective Meter Readings History

CompuTec ProcessForce – Physical Meter Readings history report

This Maintainable Item can have a number of Inspection Points i.e. parts of the machine that need to be maintained and each Inspection Point can have a number of Aspects that should also be inspected. Just one example of how this might be implemented is that your Maintainable Item could be a machine in the factory and one of the checkpoints might be the electronic control panel. The maintenance aspects of the control panel might include the electricity supply to the panel, the fuse, the connections and so on and so forth. The following example shows some of the Aspects of a CNC injection moulding machine.

CompuTec ProcessForce Inspection Points Aspects Tab

CompuTec ProcessForce – Maintainable Item – Inspection Points – Aspects tab

Maintenance work can also be defined according to a similar hierarchy. Maintenance Orders comprise of, among other things, several Maintenance Tasks. You then have the ability to assign series of maintenance Checkpoints or a Checklist to a maintenance Task. So if we want to carry out maintenance on a delivery van, one Maintenance Task might be to check the tire “health” which means carrying out a series of Maintenance checkpoints e.g. measuring the tread, checking the pressure, etc.

ProcessForce Maintenance Order Checkpoints

CompuTec ProcessForce Maintenance Order, Tasks/Checklist Tab

CompuTec ProcessForce also supports parent and child Maintenance Orders wherein the parent Maintenance Order can only be closed when all of its child Maintenance Orders have been closed. So staying with our delivery van, you might have a situation where you want to perform a maintenance inspection on the tires every month, on the engine every three months and then a comprehensive inspection should be carried out on the whole van once every six months. So you can create separate Maintenance Orders (based on templates if you wish) for the tires, the engine, etc. which will be duly carried out at the appropriate intervals. When it comes time for the comprehensive inspection, the Maintenance Order for that can include child maintenance orders for the tires and engine, meaning that the maintenance procedures for the Child Maintenance Orders, will be considered part of the whole in the system and that the Maintenance Order for the whole vehicle inspection can only be completed or closed when the maintenance has been car completed on the tires and engine. This has the additional advantage of keeping maintenance procedures consistent throughout the business and making sure that nothing gets missed.

CompuTec ProcessForce Maintenance Order - Child MOs

CompuTec ProcessForce – Maintenance Order – Child MOs tab

As mentioned previously, to make generating Maintenance Orders faster, easier and more consistent, they can be based on templates. You can set up templates for specific Maintainable Items, in specific contexts so that the correct procedures are followed and documented each and every time.

ProcessForce Maintenance Order Template

CompuTec ProcessForce Maintenance Order Template

What does the future hold for Plant Maintenance?

Well there is a lot more to come. CompuTec are releasing Plant Maintenance in two phases which can be broadly summarized as follows;

Phase 1 –Corrective/ Breakdown Maintenance and Planned/ Scheduled Maintenance.

Phase 2 – Functionalities that support preventative and predictive maintenance, costing improvements, graphical and downtime in relations to Manufacturing Orders scheduling, and CompuTec PDC inclusion.

Phase 3 – Mobile application.

The Plant Maintenance functionality is part of the CompuTec ProcessForce solution for advanced manufacturing, and is included in the Professional User license (configuration, some advanced functionalities like the Preventive Maintenance Schedule, or Gantt scheduling), and Limited Logistics User license (day to day operations).

Please note that the above description is a brief overview of CompuTec ProcessForce’s Plant Maintenance. For a full and detailed demo, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly.

To get a glimpse at what CompuTec ProcessForce’s plant Maintenance has in store, we recommend watching our short introduction video below.



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