How you can stay productive whilst remote working (Infographic)

Diane Harvey
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It’s time to be productive whilst remote working.

We have been told for years “you shouldn’t bring your work home with you” – but that’s not very logical if you now work from your home.

Many people across the UK are currently following government guidelines and working remotely due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe. This is a major change for businesses and employees alike.

For some, everyday life has just taken a major (unplanned) turn and it can be difficult to adjust.

Being honest, there has always been a general perception that working from home was a dream – you can get up later, no long commute to the office and you can work in your PJ’s!

Sadly, the reality is that working from home is HARD. its hard to stay productive whilst remote working

Yes, you get the extra few minutes in bed. Your commute is a walk to your laptop rather than a trek to the office in rush hour traffic and well, it’s personal preference in regard to your attire.

Working remotely is often no dream. In the real world, it can be very hard to stay motivated and be productive whilst it’s all too easy to feel isolated, especially if your used to working in a bustling social environment.

To aid you in your transition to remote working, we’ve put together this infographic with some handy tips to help you remain productive whilst remote working.

Download Infographic: how to stay productive whilst remote working

Here are 5 quick tips to stay productive whilst remote working:

  • Create a designated workspace. Having a separate work area helps your brain switch into “work mode”.
  • Stick to a routine. Get up and get ready like you’re going into an office. Having a set schedule helps maintain focus.
  • Minimize distractions. Turn off notifications, close tabs not in use, silence your phone to avoid disruptions.
  • Take breaks. Stepping away from your computer is important. Take a short walk, stretch, or make some tea.
  • Communicate frequently. Chat, video call, or send quick check-ins to colleagues to stay connected. Don’t feel isolated.

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