Redfoot Shoes: Increasing Efficiencies in Every Department

Diane Harvey
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“With SAP Business One, we now have up-to-date, incredibly valuable financial information about our cash position and sales figures at our fingertips.” Tim Smith, Managing Director, Redfoot Shoes

Redfoot Shoes is the own-brand footwear division of Bacup Shoe, a leading supplier of made-to-order quality footwear. The organisation’s legacy operating system was slow, required manual data entry and was difficult to get information from. With the upgrade to SAP Business One , Redfoot Shoes can now access the information it needs in real time and react accordingly.

Redfoot shoes implemented SAP Business One in just 2 weeks!

Prior to selecting SAP, Redfoot Shoes was experiencing  problems with productivity and was facing an uphill battle.  There were conflicts between various departments which impacted on productivity, with data management and control a persistent issue.  There was no single repository for the organisation’s data.

Through their partner, Signum Solutions, SAP Business One was implemented in just two weeks at Alpha Logistics.  Immediate benefits included automated stock control, accurate stock allocation, and improved customer service through better access to customer history.

With SAP Business One, you can manage your entire business from one integrated system. That means you can easily move from financial to operational to customer relationship solutions with a single system. In addition, as your business grows, you can expand your functionality without the hassle and expense of integrating multiple systems.

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