SDC Enterprises: A Scalable Solution with Immediate Business Benefits

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With over 85 years of industry experience, SDC Enterprises is recognised and trusted globally as a preferred supplier of colour fastness testing consumables for use in BS, EN and ISO test procedures. It sells over 100 products world-wide, for use in testing fabrics and other coloured materials. Amongst its thousands of customers are textile companies, major retailers and international test houses.

Historically SDC Enterprises had been a department of The Society of Dyers and Colourists. However, in 2002, its status changed and it became a limited company. With the change in status came a change in attitude, as Mark Yare, Managing Director explains. “Previously the main focus had been on taking and delivering orders”, he says. “However, once we became a commercial organisation we had to look carefully at how we could proactively grow the business.”

The system the company was using at the time was predominantly an accounting package. As such it couldn’t help with cross-selling opportunities. In addition, it was difficult to keep track of document flows and the reporting capabilities were not as good as SDC Enterprises would have liked. It was time to look for a new system.

Immediate Benefits for SDC Enterprises 

Within two months SDC Enterprises were up and running on the core system – sales order processing, purchasing, stock management, payments and banking. Production, batch control and auto-cheque printing followed three months later. This included transferring three years’ worth of historical data, which was crucial for identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

“The implementation and training went very smoothly”, says Mark. “Signum’s on-site support was great. When small problems did occur, as they inevitably do with a new implementation, Signum fixed them quickly and efficiently.”

SDC Enterprises went live on 1st April 2004 and immediately began seeing significant benefits. Financial administration time has been halved, allowing resources to be redirected to more customer facing activities. Inventory has been reduced by 25%. Although Mark can’t put a definitive value on it he knows that there have been savings on transport costs and off-site inventory movements too.

Why Signum Solutions

“With this implementation Signum Solutions have delivered what they promised, on time and within budget”, says Mark. “Signum’s technical knowledge is unquestioned. But where they really added value was their understanding of our business and how to approach the implementation to deliver the benefits we wanted.”

“The payback on the SAP Business One software has been just twelve months and we expect full payback for the project in 24 months”, Mark continues. “I would be happy to recommend SAP Business One and Signum Solutions to any other company like ours.”

Read the full case study.

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