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By Diane Harvey | November 18, 2021 | Food and Beverage , SAP Business One

SAP Business One Can Help Food Relevant Industries Improve Operational Efficiency

The food and beverage industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Signum’s SAP Business One for the Food Industry, a robust yet simple ERP solution, has made overall processes simpler by integrating the entire business overall process. It has also helped in tracking customer orders in real time with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality.

There are so many things to take care of when you are in food business. Keeping accounts, taxes, making sure you have the right ingredients, is there enough supply, regular deliveries, is the packaging in order, bookkeeping is it up to date, just to name a few. When there are so many things to keep track of it’s easy to lose time or not even think about certain aspects. And this is where you need an ERP that is user friendly and specifically designed for the food and beverage industry like SAP Business One for Food and Beverage Industry.

These are some of the most common challenges that face food and beverage manufacturing, distribution, and service companies. The SAP Business One solution can help your business address these challenges quickly and easily.

Compliance with Food Industry Regulations

The complexity of regulatory requirements makes it difficult for the food and beverage companies to manage the supply chain of ingredients, equipment, production processes, labelling, packaging, storage, transport, and distribution.

The use of SAP Business One for the food and beverage industry allows you to track the ingredients used for a particular recipe. You can also identify any ingredient that is outdated or missing from inventory. Moreover, you can also determine the quantity of a particular ingredient that is in stock and when it was received. The system provides specific reports that allow you to maintain your compliance with food regulations. You can find specific details such as date and recipe for each batch of products manufactured in the system which aids in tracking down recalled stock.

SAP Business One has the ability to control the entire operation from farm to fork. It gives a complete view of the operations, production, and distribution of food and beverages. It offers a number of functions to maintain compliance with the regulations including recipe management, production scheduling, and warehouse management.

Food Packaging Requirements

In the food and beverage industry, packaging is a very important activity as it defines the properties of products, such as taste, texture, appearance, safety etc. In addition to its primary function as a part of product delivery, packaging also influences the marketing strategy of products.

For this reason, companies have to store huge quantity of packaged products in their warehouses. And they have to share the storage space with other products too.  Therefore, it becomes a big challenge to store all products with proper care and key visibility so that they remain fresh for a long time.

In order to do that, they need an organized system of storage management with proper visibility which can be accomplished by business applications for food and beverage industry.

SAP Business One is an integrated ERP solution that can manage packaging and labelling and its related components and processes such as product information, image and regulatory requirements, supplier relationship management, order confirmation, bar code labels and expiration dates.

Inventory Management

One of the key challenges in managing inventory in the food and beverage industry is none other than ensuring that the product is stored at its right temperature. Another function is to ensure current stock of products remains under proper freeze or chilled conditions until it is time for it to be distributed out; when orders come in, if there is no inventory currently in storage then a new delivery has to be organized and made in due time.

SAP Business One is a complete solution, which would help in gaining an efficient control of inventory effective from vendor to the customers. SAP Business One enables customers to perform supply chain management which means managing them up-to production point. It provides for better monitoring of stock at all the points, integrated supply chain processes including packaging requirements, order processing and planning & scheduling, cost reductions and improvements in customer service.

Waste Management

The food and beverage industry is a bulk seller with little possibility of return. Therefore, they have to be careful in dealing with the scraps and spoilage.

Waste management is one of the major challenges for the food and beverages companies because it is an interruptive process.

Moreover, there are physical health issues associated with food waste like bacteria growth which has harmful effect on human health. They also face problems like adverse effect on the environment due to improper disposal of odour causing material, insect infestation causing contamination of goods.

These wastes are a source of microbial growth and cause unpleasant odours too. Therefore, it is necessary for these businesses to properly dispose food wastes in order to maintain hygienic work environment. Proper disposal of the food wastes not only control the sanitation issues but also help businesses in increasing food safety and security for their customers.

The best way to manage food waste and scrap is through the use of a system like SAP Business One which offers adequate features to manage food waste materials.

Looking at these challenges, it’s safe to say that the food and beverage industry has a diverse set of needs and SAP Business One is a flexible solution that can address your unique challenges.

SAP Business One provides a complete view of your food related business from beginning to end. It helps you create a solid operating plan, control the quality of ingredients, schedule production, simplify transportation and distribution activities, and much more.

Signum’s SAP Business One Industry Edition for Food and Beverage manufacturing provides everything you need for inventory management, production scheduling, decision, result tracking, reporting, and more – visit our Food and Beverage Industry page to learn more.

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