SAP Unveils SAP Business One Sales Mobile App for the Mobile Sales Workforce

By diane harvey | April 28, 2016 | Business Software , Mobile , SAP , SAP Business One

SAP have announced the release of SAP Business One Sales mobile app, a new mobile application for the SAP Business One application, which works with and is powered by the SAP HANA platform.

The SAP Business One sales mobile app is designed to support small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises.

The mobile app was developed based on SAP HANA and is tailored to the unique digital needs of sales professionals. It includes features such as pipeline management, inventory review, price quotation and order placement. By leveraging the SAP HANA platform the app can be accessed online, giving users 24×7 access to live, mission-critical data.

The announcement confirms SAP’s commitment to the more than 50,000 existing customers of SAP Business One by providing them with an additional tool to succeed and grow.

Enhancements include the ability to track activity and results and to forecast results from mobile devices, something that previously would have required a desktop computer. Enhanced with optimised user experience through improved visualisation, the mobile app enables on-the-go sales professionals to meet the needs of today’s digital world by remaining connected anywhere, anytime.

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