Marlin Industries: Increasing Turnover by 100% with No Additional Staffing with SAP Business One®

Diane Harvey
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Marlin Industries, a UK based company found themselves in need of a new business management solution. They were dissatisfied with their current accounting system and required a solution that offered the ability to control costs effectively along with the powerful reporting needed to support their decision-making process.

Marlin industries selected SAP Business One after testing other solutions against its requirements and decided it was the best option for its needs. Since go-live, they have seen an increase in turnover by 100% without the need to increase administration staff levels and they have also achieved greater control of purchasing and providing historical data used to obtain advantageous pricing.

Marlin Industries chose the SAP Business One application because it offers the ability to control all production planning, material control and accounting functions in one place.

Marlin Industries provides a unique and complete range of cable packaging products, management systems and services around you and your individual business requirements. Their goal is to improve your cost-effectiveness by delivering solutions to your packaging and cable winding demands.

When the opportunity came up to evaluate other software solutions, Marlin Industries jumped on it and soon choose SAP Business One, implemented by Signum Solutions.

Marlin knows first-hand how much time and money can be saved by using technology to increase your time-to-market and create efficiencies. Marlin Industries, uses SAP Business One to deliver its internationally recognized high quality products. SAP Business One allows Marlin to focus on their foremost strength — the business — while allowing them to take advantage of the flexibility and support that comes from being a member of the Signum customer network.

Benefits gained by Marlin Industries:

  • 100% increase in turnover with no increase in accounting staff
    Greater control of purchasing and providing historical data used to obtain advantageous pricing
    >98% on-time delivery

Read the full business transformation story here

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