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SAP Business One support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


Yesterday, the Prime Minister advised all those that can work at home to do so. This can have a huge impact on business operations and it’s important to ensure your business has a contingency plan to minimize the disruption whilst you move to remote working.

How will this affect us at Signum Solutions?

We are in a good position at Signum as we have fully embraced cloud technology and all our key operational systems are cloud-based, including our telephone system. We have provided access to communication and collaboration tools to ensure our colleagues can continue to operate as a cohesive team whilst working remotely.

How will this affect Signum Solutions customers?

Our help desk and consultancy teams are able to operate from any location and the level of service to our customers should be minimally impacted. Other than not seeing us in person, you may experience a small delay on response times (especially if our staff become affected by the virus) but overall, we are operating as business as usual.

Our Consulting team have been advised not to have face to face meetings unless they are absolutely necessary. We appreciate consulting and implementation activities are very important, so wherever possible we will continue to work with our customers and suppliers via web meetings and conference calls. If a face to face meeting is required, we will risk asses each appointment prior to confirmation.


If you are a current Signum Solutions customer or an existing SAP Business One user and wish to discuss any aspect of the support we can offer, please do get in touch. You can call us directly on 01244 676 900 or alternatively, to request a callback, complete the form here.

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