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Securing the Digital Frontier with SAP Cloud Security

SAP have won an award for cloud security at the IT-Security Expo & Congress held in Nuremberg, Germany.

The award, by IT Security magazine, was for SAP’s Security Configuration Compliance project, which helps increase the safety of cloud infrastructure.

SAP cloud security solutions are critical for organizations to capitalize on the promise of digital transformation. In this blog series, we explore strategies for companies to leverage the latest technologies while safeguarding their assets, with insights on SAP cloud security and best practices for competing in today’s digital landscape. The aim is to help businesses succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

“We are honoured that our security teams have won this award,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “While security is a must in the digital economy, being recognised as a leader in this space re-emphasizes our measures to protect SAP customers and ourselves.”

Securing the Digital Frontier with SAP Cloud Security

SAP started the Security Configuration Compliance project to achieve transparency in data collection, reporting and the improvement of security parameters. The project helps ensure regular checking of defined security. The identified level of compliance is made transparent to responsible technical staff and to SAP’s cloud customers through a reporting dashboard.

Securing cloud environments is a critical step in protecting a company’s journey to the intelligent enterprise to become more agile, sustainable, and resilient. Being more intelligent also means outwitting even the most sophisticated of cyber criminals and keeping company operations and data secure.

As companies embark on their intelligent enterprise journey to become more agile and resilient, SAP cloud security solutions play a critical role in outsmarting cyber threats. With this award, SAP reaffirms its leadership in cloud security – a must for any organization operating in the digital economy. By leveraging SAP cloud security offerings, customers can feel confident entrusting their data and processes to the SAP cloud as they accelerate their transformation.

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