Wholesale Distribution – Benefits of a holistic approach to business

By diane harvey | October 13, 2015 | ERP , Foodservice , SAP Business One , Wholesale Distribution

The economy is complex and volatile. Customers are demanding. How can wholesale distributors thrive? By getting closer to business partners, delivering exceptional service, and carving out a value-added and differentiated role in the supply chain. ERP for Wholesale Distribution helps deliver on all these. 

Wholesale distribution businesses have unique challenges including:

  • The need to reduce operational costs without negatively affecting customer service and satisfaction.
  • Balancing inventory on hand with variable costs and availability to impact profitability.
  • Managing a complex global network of suppliers, warehouses, and customer locations.
  • Developing an optimal product mix that leads to successful forecasting and planning, combined with excellent service
  • Managing a complex vendor cost recovery that can be expensive and slow resulting in money left on the table.

Yet, where there are challenges, there are also opportunities by taking a holistic approach to your business to:

  • Streamline, automate and integrate the Opportunity-to-Cash process to drive revenue growth
  • Collaborate with your supply network not only operationally, but also strategically to drive competitive differentiation and reduce operating costs.
  • Establish flexible capacities in fulfilment to optimise inventory
  • Gaining full visibility into cost recovery, procurement spending, supplier performance and cost-to-serve to increase cash flow.

Save time and money by incurring fewer expenses and running things quicker. By managing everything through one system, there’s only one system to implement, pay for, and maintain. And with all data managed on one integrated platform, you can see how all areas of the business are running, and react faster.

Let Signum and SAP help you to gain a competitive edge. Our solutions address the key priorities that wholesale distributors face: from demanding customers to carving out a value-added and differentiated role in the supply chain. These solutions help your organisation optimise business processes and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

SAP has working with Wholesale Distributors for over 40 years. The world‘s leading wholesale distribution companies, across every major segment of the industry throughout the world, continue to rely on SAP to enable every aspect of the business.

Want to find out more? Visit our case studies and understand the benefits of ERP to your wholesale Distribution business 

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